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Frugal Living for Beginners – 7 Tips to Help You Succeed in a Frugal Life!

7 Frugal Living Tips for Beginners - even the beginning frugalist can enjoy the benefits of small, frugal acts every month. Here are 7 tips to get you started! #frugalliving #frugaltips #frugal

We love being frugal in our home. It’s always exciting to us when we find something new we can save money on or when we score something amazing at the thrift store. The thrill of saving money and living frugally in new ways is what keeps us going with this lifestyle.

Dan is more naturally frugal than I am. He picks and pulls at an expense until he gets to an amount he likes. Items like furniture, appliances, lawn care, and utilities are just a few of expenses he thoroughly reviews before making decision on which to purchase.

How we feel secure owning less #minimalism

How We Feel Secure with Owning Less

Some people have the mentality of “the more I own, the better off I am”. While that could be true in the event of a disaster, owning more doesn’t make you better off… or happier.

With our journey into minimalism well under way, our minimalist life makes me feel better and more efficient now than I did owning more. While I still struggle sometimes with bringing new (or new-to-us) items into our home. However, I am more confident in my ability to live minimally – even if I do have to remind myself of it.

6 Things You Should ALWAYS Buy Secondhand

Shopping secondhand can save you money and reduce your impact on the environment. While there really low prices to be found at the thrift stores, there are few items you can absolutely purchase secondhand and know for certain you are getting a bargain.

The 72 Hour List – A Lesson in Delayed Gratification

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How to Shop Secondhand Like a Frugal Minimalist

There are many fantastic bargains to be found at the thrift stores this time of year. It makes the frugal heart happy. The post-Christmas purge …

The Best Two Reasons To Ditch Cable

In the late months of 2018, D and I thought about getting rid of our TV. That sounds crazy, right? Let’s toss the TV out the ol’ window shall we? Alas, it wasn’t that …

How We Drastically Reduced Our Expenses to Live on One Income

In 2018, D and I decided it would be most advantageous for me to stay home with Little Guy while he continued to work full …

Planning for the Worst: Job Loss & Financial Security

What would happen if you lost your job tomorrow? Would you panic because you have nothing reserved in your bank accounts? Or would you stress …

Why I Constantly Declutter & Why It Needs to Stop

I’m not gonna lie. Y’all, we had another coming to Jesus moment with our stuff. Why? Because there is too much. If you remember, in …

How to Build a Frugal Pantry

How to Build a Frugal Pantry

Being frugal with your grocery budget and meal plan requires a lot of organization. Who has time to constantly shop for the foods your family …

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