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Easy and Cheap Meals to Make During Quarantine

15 Easy and Cheap Meals to Make During Quarantine #pantrycooking #quarantinecooking

Don’t want to go to the grocery store? Give pantry cooking a whirl! These cheap meals are easy to make during the pandemic (and really, any other time).

The Best Frugal Living Tips for 2020 - Save Money This Year by Living Frugally!

Best Frugal Living Tips for 2020 – Save Money this Year!

Your money mindset matters. That mindset determines how you spend your money. If you don’t think frugal living is possible, then you’ll never achieve savings success – because you don’t see that as a goal!
Whatever the reason you want to get into frugal living, here are some practical frugal living tips that can help save you hundreds of dollars every month.

24 Things We Don't Buy to Save Money

Things We Quit Buying to Save Money

Our family has embraced frugal living to not only save money, but to live more simply. We have made a list of things we no longer buy in order to save money and accomplish our financial goals.
Like with any goal, a written list can help you stay on track.
Here’s the 24 things we no longer buy to save money.

Pantry Inventory Tips

Pantry Inventory – Why Every Family Should Do It!

Pantry inventory sounds really boring, right? I’m not going to put sugar on this one, because you’re right, it is not super exciting. The great thing about taking an inventory of your pantry is that it allows you to save SO MUCH money.

10 Minimalism TED Talks to Inspire Spending Less

10 Minimalism TED Talks to Inspire Spending Less

Minimalism is a way of life for many people and the movement continues to grow. A more minimalist lifestyle can influence many areas of your life: home, schedule, stress level, and even finances. When you buy less and purchase with intent, you often times spend less money. That method of intentional living echos across these 10 minimalism TED Talks that will inspire you to spend less.

Save Money on Groceries Without Coupons

Couponer or not, most people look to save money on their monthly grocery bill. Next to our mortgage, the money we spend on groceries is the second biggest expense. Month after month, I struggle to get the total lower. But then I found a few hacks that brought it to a manageable, all-time low.

Best Amazon Prime Day Deals 2019 for the Frugal

I love Amazon Prime! That’s why Amazon’s Prime Day is announced (July 15-16 2019) I plan ahead. But, shouldn’t a money-saving-minimalist not purchase anything on Prime Day? The answer is yes and no.

While there are great deals to be had on Amazon, there are a few things to keep in mind before you get too click-happy. Buyer’s remorse can set in hard over the next few days. Plan carefully and you won’t regret a thing!

How to Get Your Budget Back on Track

I hate the feeling of transferring money out of savings to cover our spending for the month. It sucks. How do you get your budget back on track after over spending? How do you get your spending to stop sucking money out of your account faster than you can earn it?

You whip your budget back into shape! You get real with yourself about your spending habits and make real, lasting changes.

8 Garage Sale Tips and Tricks that are sure to make you extra money at your next garage sale

Garage Sale Tips and Tricks that Made Us Over $1000

Now is the perfect time to have a garage sale. We’ve tested many garage sale tips and tricks over the last few years and found a few that actually work!

Of course, everyone’s results will be different because everyone has different stuff to sell. Neighborhoods and weather also come into play, but we’ll get to that later.

If you’re ready to take on a garage sale, let’s do this!

15 Frugal Things to do this Summer #frugalsummer

15 Frugal Things to Do This Summer

Summer shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. There’s no need to stress about finding the next thing to do with your family – I’ve got you covered!

You’ll find a list of my favorite frugal activities and their estimated costs. I’ve also included printables for the the kiddos so you can just print, get in the car, and go!

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