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What I Learned Wearing the Same Dress for 100 Days – Minimalist Challenge

A few short months ago, I wrote about what I had learned by wearing the same thing for thirty days. At the time, thirty days seemed like a lot. Committing to a full one hundred days of wearing the same dress? Crazy! But I did it, and I’m so glad that I wore the same dress for 100 days. Wearing the same dress for a hundred days in a row was like hitting the reset button in my wardrobe and for my goals in striving for a simpler, more joy-filled life.

Minimalist Wardrobe Tour

Minimalist Wardrobe Tour + How to Create Your Own

The hard work I’ve put into decluttering my closet has paid off. I now own a small, minimalist wardrobe that is filled only with favorites. Plus, I’m sharing how you can create your own minimalist wardrobe!

My Minimalist Spring & Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes of any kind are designed to make your life easier. Your morning routines will become more efficient once you’ve decluttered your closet and selected your favorite pieces. Those favorites can become part of a capsule wardrobe that you rotate out every season. Basically, all of your out of season clothes are put away and the new season of clothes brought out.

Winter Capsule Wardrobe Basics

Baby it’s cold outside! and I LOVE winter weather clothing. Leggings, fuzzy socks, chunky-knit sweaters… the thought of it all makes me want to curl up under a blanket with a book and a cup of coffee. Winter made its official appearance this year and with most people taking time off this holiday packed week, it’s a great time to pull out that winter gear. Winter is the best season for layering, but that doesn’t mean you need more in your wardrobe. This list will help you curate the perfect winter capsule wardrobe.

How I Eliminated Over HALF of my Wardrobe

Everyday, I would stand in the closet I share with my husband and just stare at my clothes. For five minutes I would be completely …