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Minimalism Myths: Just in Case Items are Bad

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In this part of Minimalism Myths, we talking all about “just in case” items. All minimalists think just in case items are bad. Right?! Yes and no. It is true those just in case items can clutter up your home, but it’s also good to be prepared… just not for every single scenario!

Get More Done at Home! 10 Productivity Tips to Make Chores Easier!

Getting all done can be completely overwhelming! Jessalynn Jones from Doable Simplicity has come to rescue us with 10 tips on how to get more done at home and how to boost productivity.

How to Make the Holidays More Sustainable - Hello Brownlow

How to Make the Holidays More Sustainable

The holidays can be the least minimalist, least sustainable time of year. Everything from the amount of gifts we buy (the US spent an estimated $886.7 billion last year) and the debt we incur (31% of Americans still haven’t paid their holiday balance from 2021), to the 25 million tons of garbage the US produces during the holiday season and the $16 billon in unwanted gifts that are sent straight to landfill – it’s pretty easy to see where we can make improvement for ourselves and for the environment!

This year, we’ve aimed to make the holidays more sustainable. While we aren’t the perfect zero wasters (or anywhere near zero waste), any step we take to reduce our waste is a step in the right direction. Maybe you want to take all of these sustainable holiday tips on this year – good for you! Maybe the idea of changing your spending habits is just too hard – I feel that too. Remember a small progress is still progress!

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Social Media Detox – What I Learned from No Social Media for 100 Days

Several months ago, I felt in a weird slump. After settling into our beautiful new home and starting a new job, you would think that my life would feel… more put together. Better, in some way. Our home was bigger and brand new, my job paid significantly more than my previous position. But yet, I felt unsatisfied. I felt the withdrawal from reality and was escaping into my phone. After a long hard think about what could be wrong, I realized that my problem wasn’t my real life – it was my virtual one. So I did a social media detox for what was intended to be just a few weeks that is now going on over 90 days.

This isn’t a “how to” guide or how a social media detox works (you should visit my blog post HERE for that). This post is meant to be my push for you to think about how social media makes you feel. From ads, to influencers, to what your friends are posting. It all makes you feel something – whether that be good OR bad.

Read my experience and then take stock of your digital life. Are you spending too much time online and then too much time offline comparing your life to someone else’s?

Extreme Couponer to Frugal Minimalist

Extreme Couponer to Frugal Minimalist – Why Frugality is Better with Less

Before we found minimalism, I tried everyway possible to save money – even extreme couponing! I had a stockpile and a coupon binder. I was *that* couponer. But my ways of over-consumption changed whenever we found minimalism and made it our own flavor – frugal minimalism.

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How to Make Minimalism Work for Your Family

Stuff in your house driving you nuts?! (You’re not alone!) Feel like you need to get rid of it all? Here are some practical tips to not only get your spouse on board with minimalism, but how to make minimalism work for your family.

Owning Less is the best storage solution

Owning Less is the Best Storage Solution

I’ve recently received a lot of questions on where and how we store our extra items. These people have the best intentions by wanting to get their home organized. As much as I love that and I’d love to help, more storage solutions are not the answer. You need less stuff. Owning less is the best storage solution you’ll find out there.

8 Ways to Simplify Your Schedule

8 Ways to Free Up Time and Simplify Your Schedule!

How can you simplify your life enough to be busy with the things you actually want to do? How can you simplify your schedule so the boring stuff doesn’t eat up every spare moment?

Let me share 8 ways to work smarter, not harder, so that you can minimize your schedule. These habits will help you fill your days with the things that matter to you!

Minimalism Myths: Minimalists Hate Stuff

Minimalism Myths: Minimalists hate stuff.

I’m very excited to introduce a new series called Minimalism Myths! I take a common misconception or complaint about living a minimalist lifestyle and help you work through that myth. Think of these “minimalism myths” as obstacles on your path to living more intentional life with less. This week: Minimalists Hate Stuff.

How to make your home work for your lifestyle. #aestheticinterior #minimalistinterior #minimalisthome

How to Make Your Home Work for Your Lifestyle

Whether you are renting an apartment or own a house, your home should reflect the style and needs of the people living in it. If yours requires some work in this department, you can find a way to make it ideal, or else find a new space that works for your family. Here are a few tips to get you started.