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Minimalism Myths: Just in Case Items are Bad

"Minimalism Myths: Just in Case Items are bad for Minimalists" overlaid on white rectangles on a photograph of an entryway to a bedroom.

In this part of Minimalism Myths, we talking all about “just in case” items. All minimalists think just in case items are bad. Right?! Yes and no. It is true those just in case items can clutter up your home, but it’s also good to be prepared… just not for every single scenario!

Minimalism Myths: Minimalists Hate Stuff

Minimalism Myths: Minimalists hate stuff.

I’m very excited to introduce a new series called Minimalism Myths! I take a common misconception or complaint about living a minimalist lifestyle and help you work through that myth. Think of these “minimalism myths” as obstacles on your path to living more intentional life with less. This week: Minimalists Hate Stuff.