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The Joy of Using Things Up – Less Waste, More Money

The Simple Joy of Using Things Up

The joy of using things up is important in our journey of frugal minimalism (frugality pairs exceptionally well with minimalism). Using items until they have nothing left to give allows us the opportunity to fully experience each item. Because if we tire of an item quickly or buy new things frequently, would we still be able to experience the benefits of each item and fully use them? Probably not.

How to Make Your Clothing Last Longer

How to Make Clothing Last Longer

In January of this year, I embarked on a 100 day challenge of wearing the same dress every single day. It was a decision I made because I craved more simplicity in my wardrobe and less wondering if things still fit or looked good. This dress made me realize that my happiness with a smaller, more basic wardrobe is greater than when I owned hundreds of clothing items. And because I’m wearing the same dress everyday, a light gray dress even, I’ve learned how to take better care of my garments. Today I’m sharing how to make clothing last longer!

When we make our clothing last longer, we not only want fewer things in our wardrobe, we also have less need to replace items that wear out quickly (I see you there fast fashion). Taking good care of clothing in my capsule wardrobe has made me value quality materials over cheap “disposable” clothing.

There are loads of ways to take of your clothes, so these are just a few of the things that we do to make sure our clothing lasts longer before replacing it or buying anything new.

Easy steps to sustainable living

3 Easy Steps Toward More Sustainable Living

Sustainable living is something we can all aspire to. While recycling, using less energy, buying less, and reducing meat consumption are some of the most known ways to be more sustainable – it’s possible to take it one (or three) steps further.

How to Start a Low Waste Lifestyle

How to Start a Low Waste Lifestyle

Minimalism and low waste go hand in hand. Both are focused on consuming less. When we adopted a minimalist lifestyle, we had no idea that would lead to a low waste lifestyle. The more that I read about low waste and zero waste, the more interested I became. Because of my research, I’ve learned a lot. We are still learning about how to reduce the waste we produce everyday, but we have come a long way.