The Ultra Frugal Lunch Recipe

Cooking and bringing your lunch to work can seem impossible. Who has time to cook and eat a healthy, filling lunch everyday? If you ate out every weekday you would be spending upwards of $35 a week! With this simple, ultra frugal lunch recipe you can skip the take out lunch and save money. D … Read moreThe Ultra Frugal Lunch Recipe

20 Life Hacks to be More Frugal Today

We could all stand to save a little money, right? Sometimes we feel like our spending is out of control and we just need a simple way to rein it back in. Frugality doesn’t mean living with nothing – it simply means that you are wisely using what you have readily available to you and … Read more20 Life Hacks to be More Frugal Today

On the Cheap: DIY Foaming Handsoap

I’m so spoiled. I try to ONLY buy the foaming hand soaps. Once upon a time I worked at Ulta and got to use my discount to buy it. Now, I’m VERY frugal and have to improvise every once in a while. My mother actually taught me this trick. Take your soap dispenser that makes … Read moreOn the Cheap: DIY Foaming Handsoap

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