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How to Shop What You Already Own

9 Tips to Shop What You Already Own

Today friends, we are going to dive into something a little eco-friendly, a little minimal, and definitely frugal. We’re talking about how to shop your own home! No, not online shopping. Shopping from your own belongings that you’ve already paid your hard earned money for. Things you may have forgotten about, but still have loads of life left.

20 Frugal Christmas Ideas for any Budget #budgeting #christmasbudget #frugalchristmas #christmas

Frugal Christmas Ideas for Any Budget

Don’t pull out your credit card for Christmas shopping just yet! I know it’s a little early for all of these Christmas posts BUT I have good reasons to get your prepared for the holidays. If you want to have a more frugal Christmas this year, keep reading!

Frugal living applies to all areas of our life: home, work, eating, our child, even the holidays and family events.

Whether you have decided to live frugally all year, or just want to have a frugal Christmas (or just more budget friendly) you’ve made an awesome decision to read this post. I promise.

10 Tips to Host a Frugal Thanksgiving #savingmoney #thanksgiving #frugalliving #frugal #frugaldinner

Frugal Thanksgiving Tips and Tricks

The end of every year brings a surge of spending in most household budgets. More family gatherings means more food is consumed. The holidays require …

The 4 Principles of Frugal Living

We are frugal minimalists here at Hello Brownlow. So it’s no surprise that I’m on a “frugal living kick” here lately. We had an influx of spending money (home renovations, medical bills, etc) and need to even our budget back out. A no spend month and buying less all together is a great way to keep spending in check.

Frugality and minimalism intersect at this point: buy less. With buying less, you’ll often find you are using the four main principles of frugal living: use it up, wear it out, make do, do without.

15 Frugal Things to do this Summer #frugalsummer

15 Frugal Things to Do This Summer

Summer shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. There’s no need to stress about finding the next thing to do with your family – I’ve got you covered!

You’ll find a list of my favorite frugal activities and their estimated costs. I’ve also included printables for the the kiddos so you can just print, get in the car, and go!

7 Frugal Living Tips for Beginners - even the beginning frugalist can enjoy the benefits of small, frugal acts every month. Here are 7 tips to get you started! #frugalliving #frugaltips #frugal

Frugal Living for Beginners – 7 Tips to Help You Succeed in a Frugal Life!

We love being frugal in our home. It’s always exciting to us when we find something new we can save money on or when we score something amazing at the thrift store. The thrill of saving money and living frugally in new ways is what keeps us going with this lifestyle.

Dan is more naturally frugal than I am. He picks and pulls at an expense until he gets to an amount he likes. Items like furniture, appliances, lawn care, and utilities are just a few of expenses he thoroughly reviews before making decision on which to purchase.

I'm Amanda and I Have a Stuff Addiction - the struggles of a frugal minimalist. #minimalism #frugalliving

Hi, I’m Amanda and I’m Addicted to Stuff – the Struggles of a Frugal Minimalist

Hi, I’m Amanda and I’m addicted to stuff. Yeah, stuff like clothes, toys for my son, and dinner plates. That kind of stuff. I love …

6 Things You Should ALWAYS Buy Secondhand

Shopping secondhand can save you money and reduce your impact on the environment. While there really low prices to be found at the thrift stores, there are few items you can absolutely purchase secondhand and know for certain you are getting a bargain.

How to Shop Secondhand Like a Frugal Minimalist

There are many fantastic bargains to be found at the thrift stores this time of year. It makes the frugal heart happy. The post-Christmas purge …

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