DIY Memory Pillow from a Shirt

    When a loved one passes, we cling on to the memories that we have of them. They live on in our hearts and memories. With a memory pillow, a small part of that person you loved can be added into your home. When my husband’s grandfather passed away in 2015, my mother-in-law held onto several of his shirts. She finally parted with one and asked for me to create something to remember her father by. I was very hesitant to cut up a terribly important memento but I finally did it. I am very pleased with how this DIY memory pillow from a shirt has turned out! This is my…

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    DIY Dish Detergent Tabs

    I am finally going to share with you my number one, all time favorite cleaning hack and DIY: Dish Detergent Tabs! This DIY has saved us the most money every month compared to my DIY Swiffer Duster and my “all natural” surface cleaner (although it is super cheap, I just wasn’t convinced that it was actually cleaning anything). This post contains affiliate links. By clicking on a link and purchasing a product, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! It’s how I keep Hello Brownlow running.  2017 began our journey into using, buying, and living on less. Part of it is an environmental issue for me. The…

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    Homemade Vegetable Broth

    Let me save you $2.50 every time you go to the grocery store. Just let me do it. By making your own vegetable broth, you are eliminating what you can’t control: the ingredients in shelf stable, store bought stock.  You are also saving yourself money to put back into your grocery budget and reducing waste. All you will need is: 1 gallon size zip-top bag freezer stock pot salt and pepper bay leaves large heat resistant bowl strainer pitcher with lid While you are cooking all your wonderful and fresh veggies, get out your “stock bag” (the gallon size zip top bag). Chop, chop, chop away but instead of throwing…

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    DIY Wedding Card Box

         Guess what. I’m going to save all of you brides-to-be about fifty bucks. Yeah, that’s right. Being crafty can save you so much money for your wedding! Trust me. Over the next month or so as my anniversary nears, I’m going to be posting all of the fantastic ideas and decorations I made and the money saving tips I’ve compiled.       When my wedding planner asked me about where I wanted all of the gifts to go, I knew right away where I wanted the table to be. But then she asked me about a card box. I’m fairly sure my reaction was “like the Valentine’s Day…

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    DIY Framed Initial

    I love my mom. And she is the perfect person to test out my crafting abilities on. Her birthday was also coming up so it was another excuse to make this!  I gathered my supplies: wooden letter, frame, and accent pieces as well as some new paint. You will also need a poster board of sorts, a paint brush, and hot glue. First I painted the frame, letter and little accent pieces and let them dry. Warning! Craft wood is super absorbent and it took me three coats of paint for  each piece. I then cut and painted the poster/foam board to fit the frame and where none showed in…

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    DIY Confetti Glasses

    I love Anthropologie. I really do. But I can’t afford it. Like save up for a year can’t afford it. That’s okay though because Pinterest has come to the rescue!!! With a plethora of knock-offs to search through you can get the look of Anthro without breaking the bank. In trying to be a grown up (got married, graduated, moved, got a job, etc etc…) I decided my hot pink cups from my freshman year weren’t going to cut it anymore. I don’t want anything fancy or expensive that I’m afraid I’m going to break. Here comes the knock-off part. I got my inspiration from the Anthropology glasses and from this gal’s…

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    DIY Mod Podge Letter

    DIY Mod Podge Letter So, I got married a couple of years ago… YAY! and I have a new last initial. I wanted to make something cute but not too time consuming to celebrate this and make our new and first home a little homier. I had done mod podge letters many times before for my sorority sisters but had never made one for myself. And of course I went to Hobby Lobby and found the perfect pieces for this project. Time to get crafty. What you’ll need: Scrapbook paper Wooden letter Exacto knife or scissors Mod Podge Photos   For my letter, I selected a wedding photo that would fit…

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    DIY Peppermint Foot Scrub

    Pedicure are expensive. Let’s be honest. I work full time, my husband works full time and I can STILL not afford to get one as often as I like. I mean, how awesome would it be to get one every other week, shoot, every week? I like to treat myself to some pampering-me-time about once a week. I don’t even leave my house to do it. I give myself a nice foot soak and scrub and paint my toe nails. And that’s about all I have time to do or I just get super distracted.  This foot scrub is not only soothing and invigorating but cost effective too. All you…

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    DIY Sharpie Mug

    Every other person that I follow on Pinterest has some sort of variation of the DIY mug. Most of them have mustaches or funny faces on the bottom of them but what about a mug for the twenty-something bookworm?  It’s super easy to do. I bought a mug from the dollar store, drew out what I wanted on it and drew on it! You just bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 40 minutes. Done! Now it’s time to brew some herbal tea and settle into a good book. 🙂 Save

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    DIY Chevron Letter

    As wedding season draws to a close, here is a great gift you can give to the newly weds! My friend from church got married this past weekend and every single thing she registered for was chevron print in gray, black and silver. I didn’t want to spend 20 bucks on something I couldn’t customize for them. So I spent $3 on the letter and a little bit of time creating something that was unique for them. I printed off a chevron pattern from online and cut it out. I then traced it as many times as I wanted down the face of the letter. I filled it in with…