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How to Make Your Home Work for Your Lifestyle

How to make your home work for your lifestyle. #aestheticinterior #minimalistinterior #minimalisthome

Whether you are renting an apartment or own a house, your home should reflect the style and needs of the people living in it. If yours requires some work in this department, you can find a way to make it ideal, or else find a new space that works for your family. Here are a few tips to get you started.

The Best Decluttering Tips

Best Decluttering Tips – How to Get it Done Fast!

As the best season to declutter approaches, I thought that I’d share with you a round up of my favorite and best decluttering tips that I’ve shared over the years. Yes, you can declutter fast! But keeping your space clutter-free takes maintenance. We’ll talk about both here!

100 things to declutter + how to find contentment after you declutter

100 Things to Declutter – Becoming Minimalist + Uncluttered Life

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to turn my 2020 calendar over to the trash can. But we still have a full month left! And this month will set us up for success in the new year. So before the holiday season gets too crazy, take a few days and declutter your home. This list is 100 things to declutter before the new year. Of course, this is not what you have to get rid, but just suggestions. Each family is different with different stuff!

When You Should Sell Donate or Toss Decluttered Items

When You Should Sell, Donate, or Toss Decluttered Items

Hey hey friends! I hope that this post finds you at exactly the right moment. Because today, we’re talking about decluttering and when you should donate, sell, or toss decluttered items. Decluttering is absolutely necessary this time of year whether you opt to do it before or after the holidays. But what should you do with decluttered items?

Decluttering roadblocks + how to get past them #decluttering #stuckdecluttering #declutterhome

Decluttering Roadblocks + How to Get Over Them

You’ve finally started to delcutter your home. You’re doing great, you found your groove, and all of a sudden – a single item stops you in your tracks. You, my friend, have hit a decluttering roadblock. Whether it be a sentimental item or an item you spent way too much money on, it can feel easy to get stuck and want to completely stop decluttering.

Ultimate Decluttering Guide

Ultimate Decluttering Guide – The Less Mess Way

Whether we like it or not, stuff accumulates in our homes. Taking the time to seriously declutter will alleviate that burden from your life and put more time back in your day. That’s what this ultimate decluttering guide is all about.

9 Tips to Get Started Decluttering - Get the push you need to stat on your decluttering journey and embrace a life with less stuff. #decluttering #less

9 Tips to Get Started Decluttering

Our possessions can quickly take over our lives. We pick them up and clean them. They surround us at all times. They break and require maintenance. Your possessions are everywhere – and it can be overwhelming. So overwhelming, in fact, that you don’t know how to get started decluttering even though it’s your heart’s biggest desire.

While your possessions weigh you down, the action of decluttering will lighten your load. Literally. Less cleaning, less picking up, less… stuff.

Why We Keep Clothes We Don't Wear

Why We Keep Clothes We Don’t Wear + How to Let Go

I love my small closet. I’ve made a capsule system and rotate with the seasons. But there were several pieces lurking in my wardrobe that I just couldn’t part with. That too expensive dress that no longer fits, the maxi skirt I thought would look killer, the baggy t-shirts I wore before I lost 30 pounds. They were all still there. Why? Why do we keep clothes we no longer wear?

Declutter Recipes and Cookbooks to Meal Plan Better

Eating out at a restaurant is nice, but enjoying a home-cooked meal is better. Even if it’s just spaghetti and meatballs, there is something so comforting about food cooked by someone you love. A time will come when your recipes become overwhelming from years of collecting them from friends and family. Get ready to declutter recipes and cookbooks!

6 Tips to Declutter When You Feel Overwhelmed

One of the most asked questions I see in my comments, on Facebook, or on other blogs is “How do I start decluttering when I feel so overwhelmed by it all?”. I’ve been there too. I have been overwhelmed and exhausted and just completely over the mess and clutter in my house. I get it.

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