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What I Learned Wearing the Same Dress for 100 Days – Minimalist Challenge

A few short months ago, I wrote about what I had learned by wearing the same thing for thirty days. At the time, thirty days seemed like a lot. Committing to a full one hundred days of wearing the same dress? Crazy! But I did it, and I’m so glad that I wore the same dress for 100 days. Wearing the same dress for a hundred days in a row was like hitting the reset button in my wardrobe and for my goals in striving for a simpler, more joy-filled life.

I wore the same thing for 30 days #minimalism

I Wore the Same Thing for 30 Days – Learning from the 100 Day Dress Challenge

Here’s how I got started wearing the same thing for 30 days…
Have you ever had your eye on a piece of clothing for so long you could already imagine all the outfits you could make with it. How you would style it everyday. Maybe wear it everyday… Well, that’s what I’m doing for the next 100 days! I broke our low buy rules and bought the magnificent Rowena dress from Wool&. Here is how I wore the same things for 30 days and what I’ve learned (plus what I’m looking forward to in the next 70).