Bubble Up Enchiladas

This is by far the easiest, most fantastic version of enchiladas that I have made to date! I’m serious ya’ll. This is like my own little Mexican comfort food without going to a restaurant and without putting in too much effort. ┬áEasy. Not only is it husband approved, our friend John approves it too! ­čÖé … Read moreBubble Up Enchiladas

DIY Grocery Bag Holder

I am going DIY crazy this week! I feel so pumped up to make some really cute stuff for not only myself but for my Etsy store too.┬á This one I am keeping for myself but I know that I will make more. The only reason I’m keeping it for myself is because I really┬áconfused … Read moreDIY Grocery Bag Holder

DIY Spruced Up Candle

It’s October folks. Hard to believe, isn’t it? It is my favorite time of the year! Why? Several major holidays (including my birthday) are in the next few months and I adore making ALL my Christmas presents. I also make desserts for our big Thanksgiving linner (lunch and dinner, get it?) and ALL of our … Read moreDIY Spruced Up Candle

DIY Kimono

This cute project takes about 30 minutes (even if your cats get in the way) and is super simple! For this you will need: 1.5 yards knit fabric Coordinating thread Sewing Machine Scissors Measuring tape Pins First this is first: Lay your fabric out flat. You will cut it into two pieces lengthwise. If you … Read moreDIY Kimono

On the Cheap: Single Serve Oatmeal Packets

This post title might sound a┬álittle┬ástrange but for real. This might change the way you buy your oatmeal. Like stated previously, I’m very frugal. My husband and I don’t necessarily have to be either. For a newly married couple who graduated from their undergrad only a year and a half ago, we make a pretty … Read moreOn the Cheap: Single Serve Oatmeal Packets

On the Cheap: DIY Foaming Handsoap

I’m so spoiled. I try to ONLY buy the foaming hand soaps. Once upon a time I worked at Ulta and got to use my discount to buy it. Now, I’m VERY frugal and have to improvise every once in a while. My mother actually taught me this trick. Take your soap dispenser that makes … Read moreOn the Cheap: DIY Foaming Handsoap

DIY Infinity Scarf

I’m dreaming of autumn right now. The cool breezes, shorter days, and the changing colors. But sadly, it is still several months away. While the Oklahoma heat has not been as brutal this year as it has been in the past, it’s still pretty hot. So no scarves for me. But I have been making … Read moreDIY Infinity Scarf

DIY Mini Notebook

I LOVE buying school supplies! It’s really an addiction. I used to adore back to school shopping when I was younger and my mother bought everything for me. Now, I guess I’m a grown up and don’t really need seventeen folders and notebooks. But I might need this little one for my purse. ┬á­čÖé   … Read moreDIY Mini Notebook

DIY Beach Tote

Ahh… do you feel that Oklahoma/most of the central US? That, my friends, is the first heat wave of the year! Woo. That’s about as enthusiastic as I can get about the heat. I’m much more of a sweater weather person and I was spoiled by the cooler weather last week!! Back to the heat… … Read moreDIY Beach Tote

Work Pants Refashion

These were my work pants. Cheap black slacks I bought at JCP while in college while I worked at a pizza joint. I also wore these to my management position at a beauty store. For a total of three years I wore these pants every other day. Why you may ask? BECAUSE I HATE SHOPPING … Read moreWork Pants Refashion

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