The Simple Guide to Cloth Diapers

When I started to look into cloth diapers when Little Guy was just weeks old, I was severely overwhelmed by all the information coming at me. I wished there was a super simple guide to cloth diapers, but there just wasn’t. When searching the rabbit hole of Pinterest, I found a few blogs here and … Read moreThe Simple Guide to Cloth Diapers

The Ultra Frugal Lunch Recipe

Cooking and bringing your lunch to work can seem impossible. Who has time to cook and eat a healthy, filling lunch everyday? If you ate out every weekday you would be spending upwards of $35 a week! With this simple, ultra frugal lunch recipe you can skip the take out lunch and save money. D … Read moreThe Ultra Frugal Lunch Recipe

Preparing for Baby: How We Cut Down Our Medical Bills

Having a baby is super expensive. For us the expense wasn’t buying the things Little Guy would need, it was the enormous medical bills that came after our hospital stays. You have nine months to prepare for this. Do you have a savings game plan? There are loads of ways to save money each month. … Read morePreparing for Baby: How We Cut Down Our Medical Bills

20 Life Hacks to be More Frugal Today

We could all stand to save a little money, right? Sometimes we feel like our spending is out of control and we just need a simple way to rein it back in. Frugality doesn’t mean living with nothing – it simply means that you are wisely using what you have readily available to you and … Read more20 Life Hacks to be More Frugal Today

Preparing for Baby: How We Put Together Our Nursery for Less than $500

Preparing for your bun in the oven sounds very expensive and daunting. It gets even more expensive when friends and family tell you that they swear by this really random, not so cost effective item. What if there was a way you could put together your entire nursery for $500 or less? When we found out … Read morePreparing for Baby: How We Put Together Our Nursery for Less than $500

DIY Dish Detergent Tabs

I am finally going to share with you my number one, all time favorite cleaning hack and DIY: Dish Detergent Tabs! This DIY has saved us the most money every month compared to my DIY Swiffer Duster and my “all natural” surface cleaner (although it is super cheap, I just wasn’t convinced that it was actually … Read moreDIY Dish Detergent Tabs

The 5 Best Vegan Road Trip Snacks

Isn’t it funny how long road trips make us crave snack food? No, just me? Okay. Since traveling with my husband more, I’ve come to realize that those sugary fruit snacks and salty chips just don’t cut it. Not to mention that food from a rest stop is expensive. I participate in Amazon’s Affiliate Program. … Read moreThe 5 Best Vegan Road Trip Snacks

How I Eliminated Over HALF of my Wardrobe

Everyday, I would stand in the closet I share with my husband and just stare at my clothes. For five minutes I would be completely stationary and let my mind run this phrase over and over again: “I have absolutely nothing to wear.” Which was completely false. I had more than enough clothes that I … Read moreHow I Eliminated Over HALF of my Wardrobe

5 Minute Enchilada Sauce

5 Minute Enchilada Sauce Who doesn’t love a good enchilada? If you don’t, we need to have a serious conversation about TexMex food. This great FIVE MINUTE enchilada sauces recipe will change how you make your TexMex at home! This recipe is super simple and can be used as traditional enchilada sauce over top, sauce … Read more5 Minute Enchilada Sauce

Our $50 July Grocery Budget Challenge – Results!

$50 grocery budget? Sounds crazy. We did it! It was rough at times, but it was worth it.

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