• How to Pack for a Cruise in a Carry-On

    How to Pack for a Cruise in a Carry-On

    It’s the time for summer vacation planning to begin. While us grown-ups love planning awesome trips for our families, we hate packing all the stuff that goes along with those trips. Our last cruise we did our personal best in packing. We got all of our things into ONE suitcase (and just my things would have fit into a carry-on). You might be thinking… one suitcase for two of you for a week long vacation? Was it a challenge? Oh yeah. Did I use my capsule wardrobe? You bet I did! I was 20 weeks pregnant at the time and I didn’t have a lot of maternity clothes. While at 20 weeks I wasn’t what I call “super pregnant”, I…

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    The 5 Best Vegan Road Trip Snacks

    Isn’t it funny how long road trips make us crave snack food? No, just me? Okay. Since traveling with my husband more, I’ve come to realize that those sugary fruit snacks and salty chips just don’t cut it. Not to mention that food from a rest stop is expensive. I participate in Amazon’s Affiliate Program. If you click on my links and purchase an item, I may receive a small commission. Please visit my “About” page for more information. Much like myself, my mom was always uber prepared for road trips when we were younger. She would pack a small tub with card games, CD’s, and snacks for my brother…

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    Packing for a Cruise (and being comfortable)

    I love packing for vacations. But, let me tell ya, I LOVE cruises. We just went on our first one and have another booked for the end of the year. I was super afraid of over packing and having to lug two huge suitcases all over the boat (which didn’t ever happen – just make sure you tip them if they carry their luggage for you) or under packing and having nothing that I wanted to wear. For my husband and I, it took 1 large suitcase and 1 medium suitcase for all of our items. Here is a quick list of all them items I packed (look how cute our pillow…