Our $50 July Grocery Budget Challenge – Results!

$50 grocery budget? Sounds crazy. We did it! It was rough at times, but it was worth it.

The July $50 Grocery Challenge – Half Way Done!

We are officially half way through our $50 grocery budget Challenge for the month of July. I must say that it has really opened our eyes to many things including how much food we waste on a regular basis and how much time we use preparing food. Our meal plan deviated slightly for the best … Read moreThe July $50 Grocery Challenge – Half Way Done!

The July $50 Grocery Challenge

The July $50 Grocery Challenge I am all for saving money. It’s kinda our thing. But only spending $50 on a month’s worth of groceries when we normally spend $200? You’re out of your mind! Or is it actually possible…? July is going to be a rougher month for us financially as our maternity and … Read moreThe July $50 Grocery Challenge

5 Tips to have a Successful No Spend Month

How to have a Successful No Spend Month A month of no spending sounds quite daunting, right? No eating out, no shopping, no going to the movies, no wine… It can be hard to picture a full month without those things. But when you buckle down, whether it be for financial reasons or you just … Read more5 Tips to have a Successful No Spend Month

4 Steps to Mastering the Cash Envelope System

4 Steps to Mastering the Cash Envelope System My husband, D and I have used the cash envelope system from Dave Ramsey’s methods for about six years now. We can finally say that we have mastered the art of cash budgeting! While we still put somethings on our credit card (fully paid off every month), … Read more4 Steps to Mastering the Cash Envelope System

5 Tremendous Ways to Save on Your Professional Wardrobe

Looking professional can be stressful and expensive. here are five tips to help save you money!

How to Win at Meal Planning

  Have you ever wondered into your kitchen in the evening and asked yourself what do I want for dinner? You go about aimlessly opening and closing the pantry and fridge only to order out? I’ve been there too and all too often. When we realized how much we were spending on eating out and … Read moreHow to Win at Meal Planning

The $25 Grocery Week

It’s the last 10 days of the month and it’s just that long until payday too. And guess what!  We super over spent on groceries this month. Like way over what we had budgeted. Some of this was due to buying relatively expensive vitamins to help with the ol’ husband’s cholesterol and part of it was … Read moreThe $25 Grocery Week

Hello Coupons! Part Two

  Finally – a part 2 to my part 1 of couponing!  Since the last time I posted, I was able to teach my father-in-law how to coupon (which was all about part 1). Now I’m going to show you how to actually save money and how to build a stockpile.   Rock bottom prices: All the people … Read moreHello Coupons! Part Two

Hello Coupons! Part One

Couponing is something that I started about three years ago. Not out of desperation, but because I needed a hobby and we needed to stop spending so much money.  We could easily walk into Wal-Mart and spend $80 once a week on groceries. And those “groceries” were just processed junk that we didn’t need to … Read moreHello Coupons! Part One

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