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What’s a Budget Date? Why You Need Them as a Couple

What's a Budget Date? Why You Need Them As a Couple to Build a Stronger Relationship #budgetdate #datingyourspouse #moneydate #budgeting #budgetingtips

Making budgets is just so romantic. I love it when my husband talks those numbers to me. SAID NO WIFE EVER. But yet, we need to talk about money. It’s hard to talk about money when you can’t seem to find the time. Maybe your jobs or kids get in the way of real, deep conversation about your finances. Several years ago when we decided to go to one income, my husband had an idea: let’s go to dinner and talk about our finances in a lower-pressure environment. It was then the budget date was born.

How We Never Fight About Money

How We Never Fight About Money

Money. It’s the thing that buys us food, clothing, and shelter. Money can be a source of pride or even a source of discomfort. Money can be fought over. But not in our house. I’m about to explain how we never fight about money. We may argue about other things, but our bank account isn’t one of them.

20 Frugal Christmas Ideas for any Budget #budgeting #christmasbudget #frugalchristmas #christmas

Frugal Christmas Ideas for Any Budget

Don’t pull out your credit card for Christmas shopping just yet! I know it’s a little early for all of these Christmas posts BUT I have good reasons to get your prepared for the holidays. If you want to have a more frugal Christmas this year, keep reading!

Frugal living applies to all areas of our life: home, work, eating, our child, even the holidays and family events.

Whether you have decided to live frugally all year, or just want to have a frugal Christmas (or just more budget friendly) you’ve made an awesome decision to read this post. I promise.

Just how much should I spend on Christmas this year?

How Much Should I Spend This Christmas?

We’re all consumers here. And almost all of us get the instant gratification of spending money. We especially enjoy it when we purchase gifts for others. The thought of Oh, they’re going to love this! Runs through our minds at every purchase and makes us feel like a gift-giving superhero. But are you wondering how much you can afford to spend this Christmas?

How to Prepare for the Busy Holiday Season

How to Prepare for a Busy Holiday Season

Labor Day marks the beginning of fall for most people. The heat may still be there, but let’s face it: we’re all ready for football, leggings, and pumpkin spiced everything. Football season blends into Halloween, Halloween into Thanksgiving, and before you realize it Christmas is here!

Take a deep breath. I have a few things to help take the burden off of your shoulders!

How to Get Your Budget Back on Track

I hate the feeling of transferring money out of savings to cover our spending for the month. It sucks. How do you get your budget back on track after over spending? How do you get your spending to stop sucking money out of your account faster than you can earn it?

You whip your budget back into shape! You get real with yourself about your spending habits and make real, lasting changes.

The July $50 Grocery Challenge – Half Way Done!

We are officially half way through our $50 grocery budget Challenge for the month of July. I must say that it has really opened our …

4 Steps to Mastering the Cash Envelope System

4 Steps to Mastering the Cash Envelope System My husband, D and I have used the cash envelope system from Dave Ramsey’s methods for about …