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How to Make Minimalism Work for Your Family

"How to make minimalism work for your family" overlayed on a picture of a white table with small potted houseplants and wooden cutting board

Stuff in your house driving you nuts?! (You’re not alone!) Feel like you need to get rid of it all? Here are some practical tips to not only get your spouse on board with minimalism, but how to make minimalism work for your family.

How Our Baby Slept Through the Night After Just 3 Days of Sleep Training

Babies and children crave routine. I too crave routine as a structural person. When I first started staying home with Little Guy, we had a …

Inexpensive Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift for the Teachers and Neighbors in Your Life

Need an easy gift for teachers and need it now? This sweet and quick gift will send teachers off to Christmas Break on a sugar high.

The Simple Guide to Cloth Diapers

When I started to look into cloth diapers when Little Guy was just weeks old, I was severely overwhelmed by all the information coming at …

Preparing for Baby: How We Cut Down Our Medical Bills

Having a baby is super expensive. For us the expense wasn’t buying the things Little Guy would need, it was the enormous medical bills that …

How to Perfect Your New-Mom Beauty Routine

How to Perfect Your New-Mom Beauty Routine Disclaimer: I’ve never been a morning person. Never have been and never will be. I’m the person who …