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The Best Home Improvements for Your Forever Home

the best home improvements for your forever home

It’s a great feeling to find your forever home. It could be your first home, your second or you could move several times before you find the one you can see yourselves in long-term. Your forever home is where you’ll really put down your roots and make it into a special place where you’ll make some incredible memories.

With previous properties, you might have been reluctant to spend money making significant improvements, knowing you won’t be sticking around to enjoy them. But now you know you’re in it for the long haul, you can start making some home improvements you can enjoy now that you’re where you want to be. And with us all being home more often, you’ll reap immediate benefits from these projects!

DIY Memory Pillow from a Shirt

A memory shirt pillow is a great way to remember how much you loved someone who is no longer with us. This DIY is simple and can be done using just one shirt.

Three Easy Ways to Show Gratitude this Holiday Season

We could all stand to show a little more gratitude, right? Here are three easy ways to show that you’re thankful and grateful this holiday …

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