DIY Dish Detergent Tabs

I am finally going to share with you my number one, all time favorite cleaning hack and DIY: Dish Detergent Tabs! This DIY has saved us the most money every month compared to my DIY Swiffer Duster and my "all natural" surface cleaner (although it is super cheap, I just wasn't convinced that it was actually … Continue reading DIY Dish Detergent Tabs

homemade vegetable stock

Homemade Vegetable Broth

Let me save you $2.50 every time you go to the grocery store. Just let me do it. By making your own vegetable broth, you are eliminating what you can't control: the ingredients in shelf stable, store bought stock.  You are also saving yourself money to put back into your grocery budget and reducing waste. … Continue reading Homemade Vegetable Broth

DIY Wedding Card Box

     Guess what. I'm going to save all of you brides-to-be about fifty bucks. Yeah, that's right. Being crafty can save you so much money for your wedding! Trust me. Over the next month or so as my anniversary nears, I'm going to be posting all of the fantastic ideas and decorations I made … Continue reading DIY Wedding Card Box

DIY Framed Initial

I love my mom. And she is the perfect person to test out my crafting abilities on. Her birthday was also coming up so it was another excuse to make this!  I gathered my supplies: wooden letter, frame, and accent pieces as well as some new paint. You will also need a poster board of … Continue reading DIY Framed Initial

DIY Confetti Glasses

I love Anthropologie. I really do. But I can't afford it. Like save up for a year can't afford it. That's okay though because Pinterest has come to the rescue!!! With a plethora of knock-offs to search through you can get the look of Anthro without breaking the bank. In trying to be a grown up (got … Continue reading DIY Confetti Glasses