DIY Memory Pillow from a Shirt

When a loved one passes, we cling on to the memories that we have of them. They live on in our hearts and memories. With a memory pillow, a small part of that person you loved can be added into your home. When my husband’s grandfather passed away in 2015, my mother-in-law held onto several … Read moreDIY Memory Pillow from a Shirt

Three Easy Ways to Show Gratitude this Holiday Season

We could all stand to show a little more gratitude, right? Here are three easy ways to show that you’re thankful and grateful this holiday season. Something hit me last week as I shopped for my Thanksgiving ingredients at Aldi: I need to show those around me more gratitude for all that they do. This … Read moreThree Easy Ways to Show Gratitude this Holiday Season

DIY Floral Arrangements

I LOVE fresh flowers. To my precious little cat they are poisonous (well, the ones that I like are). It’s something about the way they make your house look. When something fresh is added to a space, it instantly spruces it up. However, if you still have a dusty fake ficus sitting in the corner, … Read moreDIY Floral Arrangements

DIY Mother’s Day Cards

Happy (almost) Mother’s Day to all you moms out there! Mother’s Day for our family is hard to celebrate. You have my mom that lives out of town but will travel to come see us. She doesn’t live¬†too far away. You have the hubby’s mom that RVs around the country, so a no-go on seeing … Read moreDIY Mother’s Day Cards

DIY Photo Coasters

What’s worse than those ugly little rings on your coffee table from sweating drinks? We have really terrible humidity issues in Oklahoma. It amazes me that in some places cold beverages don’t actually sweat. Like in Taos. I love Taos. Speaking of… I made these wonderful coasters just for Mother’s Day which is rapidly approaching. … Read moreDIY Photo Coasters

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