A Simple Guide on how to Purge Your Whole House

A Simple Guide on how to Purge Your House Last year was monumental for us as a family. I got pregnant and miscarried in the spring, my father-in-law suffered a massive heart attack, we lost weight, and I got pregnant again. Before I knew I was pregnant for the second time, we had a serious … Continue reading A Simple Guide on how to Purge Your Whole House

Hello Coupons Part 2

Hello Coupons! Part Two

  Finally - a part 2 to my part 1 of couponing!  Since the last time I posted, I was able to teach my father-in-law how to coupon (which was all about part 1). Now I'm going to show you how to actually save money and how to build a stockpile.   Rock bottom prices: All the people … Continue reading Hello Coupons! Part Two

DIY Wedding Card Box

     Guess what. I'm going to save all of you brides-to-be about fifty bucks. Yeah, that's right. Being crafty can save you so much money for your wedding! Trust me. Over the next month or so as my anniversary nears, I'm going to be posting all of the fantastic ideas and decorations I made … Continue reading DIY Wedding Card Box

DIY Mod Podge Letter

DIY Mod Podge Letter So, I got married a couple of years ago... YAY! and I have a new last initial. I wanted to make something cute but not too time consuming to celebrate this and make our new and first home a little homier. I had done mod podge letters many times before for my … Continue reading DIY Mod Podge Letter