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9 Tips to Get Started Decluttering

9 Tips to Get Started Decluttering - Get the push you need to stat on your decluttering journey and embrace a life with less stuff. #decluttering #less

Our possessions can quickly take over our lives. We pick them up and clean them. They surround us at all times. They break and require maintenance. Your possessions are everywhere – and it can be overwhelming. So overwhelming, in fact, that you don’t know how to get started decluttering even though it’s your heart’s biggest desire.

While your possessions weigh you down, the action of decluttering will lighten your load. Literally. Less cleaning, less picking up, less… stuff.

Digital Minimalism - What is it? and How it can make you happier

Digital Minimalism – What is it?

Minimalism is very popular with multiple generations right now. We all seek to live a simpler, stress-free life when the world tells us we need more. It just happens that a simpler life occurs when we have less clutter in our lives. When you think less clutter, physical items in your home might immediately come to mind. But what about your digital life? Is there such a thing as digital minimalism?

Declutter Recipes and Cookbooks to Meal Plan Better

Eating out at a restaurant is nice, but enjoying a home-cooked meal is better. Even if it’s just spaghetti and meatballs, there is something so comforting about food cooked by someone you love. A time will come when your recipes become overwhelming from years of collecting them from friends and family. Get ready to declutter recipes and cookbooks!

6 Tips to Declutter When You Feel Overwhelmed

One of the most asked questions I see in my comments, on Facebook, or on other blogs is “How do I start decluttering when I feel so overwhelmed by it all?”. I’ve been there too. I have been overwhelmed and exhausted and just completely over the mess and clutter in my house. I get it.

Dealing with Decluttering Guilt

Dealing with Decluttering Guilt

Earlier this year I went back to my childhood home. My mission was to help my empty-nester parents empty the attic and declutter my possessions …

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