Hello there! Thanks for coming over to my blog, Hello Brownlow; I hope that you enjoy it! Here you will see how passionate I am about doing things myself.  I love to see how I can stretch a dollar and make our budget (and our lives) more efficient.

I only write about budgeting tricks that we have tried so that I know that they work. We are on our journey to financial independence with our Little Guy in tow. The journey is a long one, but it is well worth it. While maintaining a budget that allows us to save almost HALF of our income, we are still able to go on adventures around the country.

When I am not traveling or thinking of new ways to save money, I love to cook delicious vegan meals and DIY. We have been vegan for three years now and haven’t looked back! Being on a vegan diet doesn’t mean that it is an expensive one.

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I participate in Amazon’s Affiliate Program. Every time you click a link on my blog to view and purchase the product I am promoting, I receive a small commission off that purchase. All opinions of these products are my own. I would never promote a product that I have not or would not purchase for my family. If you ever have questions about the products I promote, you can email me or comment directly on the post.




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