3 Easy Steps Toward More Sustainable Living

Easy steps to sustainable living

Sustainable living is something we can all aspire to. While recycling, using less energy, buying less, and reducing meat consumption are some of the most known ways to be more sustainable – it’s possible to take it one (or three) steps further.

1.Delve into sustainable brands.

Fast fashion is responsible for around 10% of CO2 emissions each year. Fast fashion’s popularity is continuing to grow. This is due to its low price, accessibility, and frequent promotion within influencer culture. Fashion trends evolve at an alarming rate (averaging 52 trends a year). Many fashion items are tossed in the landfill or burned once they are no longer needed.

There are many sustainable (and affordable) brands such as House of Sunny. House of Sunny prides itself on its durable and high-quality clothes and ethical approach to their production. Other ethical fashion labels include The Odder Side and Pact. Pact is a personal favorite. Their cotton socks are ultra comfortable.

Often we find that sustainable brands can be more expensive. This is due to the use of higher quality materials and ethical labor. As the demand for sustainable clothing is going up, the price will gradually going down.

Rather than replacing clothes every few years (or months!) due to the cheap fast-fashion, save money in the long run by investing in excellent quality pieces.

Shopping more sustainably is a journey and not something which happens overnight. Be patient with yourself and accept that not many people’s wardrobes are 100% free of fast-fashion. It’s okay to still buy from larger brands. The key is to be aware of the environmental impact and start exploring ethical brands as well.

But what if I can’t afford sustainably made clothing?

Sustainable living isn’t about buying what you don’t need right in this moment. Sustainable living should look like – using what you have first, buying secondhand, than if not available secondhand purchasing sustainably.

While I love all of these sustainable brands, their on my wish list for now. In my current season of life, it is far more realistic to keep shopping secondhand than it is to buy new.

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2. Install Solar Panels.

Installing solar panels is a way to continually save energy . Once solar panels are installed, they typically last around 25-30 years.

Using solar panels makes you less reliant on the grid. Instead panels utilize the natural energy generated by the sun’s rays. This green source of energy will drastically reduce your carbon footprint and take more significant strides towards more sustainable living. You can rest assured that your energy source is reliable, as we will never run out of solar energy (not in our lifetime anyway!).

Services such as Dallas solar panels will get you all sorted in the process of implementing your panels. Solar panels can reduce your energy bills and increase the value of your home. Solar energy can be used to generate both heat and electricity for your home. Systems are also low maintenance!

3. Start your own garden.

Growing your own food allows you to be less reliant on grocery stores. Mass-production of food is a huge drain on the world’s natural resources. Another downside of mass-produced food is that it is generally less healthy, generally being altered by various additives and pesticides.

Growing your own garden can start with just selecting one small patch. There’s nothing as rewarding as eating foods freshly picked and cooked from your very own garden! Enjoy the health benefits and the know that your meal is sustainably sourced.

Growing our own food is a big goal for our family in the coming year. No, we won’t be able to avoid the grocery store all together. Instead, we’ll be able to supplement items from the store with what is grown on our property.

Other options for more sustainable living.

There are hundreds of ways that you can live more sustainably. There isn’t a “one size fits all” answer. What works for my family, may not work for yours. Here are some other ideas to start living more sustainably.

  • Reduce the amount of consumables used in your home. This includes paper towels, disposable dishes, paper napkins, cling wrap. Instead switch to less wasteful alternatives. You can find fabric napkins in my Etsy shop!
  • Don’t buy replacements until you run out. Like shampoo, dish soap, canned beans. Look for a more sustainable version (or less packaging) when you shop.
  • Don’t buy anything new unless you truly need it or want it. Use tools like a 72 Hour List to help you say no to impulse purchases.
  • Practice borrowing items instead of buying them for yourself. This could be big like a borrowing a riding lawn mower from your neighbor, to a book from the library.
3 Easy Steps to Sustainable Living
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