When You Should Sell, Donate, or Toss Decluttered Items

When You Should Sell Donate or Toss Decluttered Items

Hey hey friends! I hope that this post finds you at exactly the right moment. Because today, we’re talking about decluttering and when you should donate, sell, or toss decluttered items. Decluttering is absolutely necessary this time of year whether you opt to do it before or after the holidays. But what should you do with decluttered items?

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First, let’s talk about decluttering in general.

I love talking about decluttering, so there are many posts on my blog about exactly how to do it (I’ll list them below). Before you take a single item to the donation center, sell it on Facebook, or trash it – remember your BIG WHY.

Why are you decluttering? How do you want your space to feel once you’re done?

Once you’ve got your BIG WHY – go decluttering crazy!!!

Here are my posts that I think you’ll find helpful if you’re just starting out or if you find yourself getting stuck and need a boost >>>

When You Should Sell Donate or Toss Decluttered Items

When to Sell

Selling an item that you no longer want can give your budget a big boost. I have sold many items that I’ve decluttered. Often times, if I am on the fence about getting rid of an item because it was expensive, selling it helps me let go.

You can sell just about anything these days. Just make sure it is an item that people actually want. So again, no trash and no damage. Pricing is also a big component in selling an item. You don’t want to overprice a USED item so that people won’t buy it. Why would I pay full price for something that’s been used by you?

Remember that you will probably never get the full amount that you paid for the item back.

Where to Sell

There are so many options for you to sell your decluttered items these days! The internet is a marvelous thing with dozens of websites to sell you stuff on. So here are some great options to sell your things online:

In person selling is often easier than selling online. No pictures, listings, or waiting. The downside is that you will probably get less in person than you will online. These resale store offer 30% of what they can sell it for in store. The in-store price of these goods is often 30-70% off of retail.

  • Uptown Cheapskate
  • Plato’s Closet
  • Children’s Orchard
  • Once Upon a Child
  • Replay Sports
  • Other consignment stores

And then there is the garage sale… Want to meet all your neighbors?? Just have a garage sale! I have a whole post on how to host an amazing garage sale and how we made over $1000 after we decluttered our home >>> HERE.

When to Donate

Donating items to a local charity or thrift store gives us all those warm fuzzy feelings. I enjoy donating my decluttered items because of the good feelings, but also because it’s easy.

Where to Donate

There are loads of places where you can donate items. A quick Google search of “where can I donate items” will give you some guidance. I advise that if you’ve never donated to a particular place to call them up or check their website. They’ll let you know what you can and can’t donate, when they’re open, and if they can do a pick-up.

Another wonderful option is to find your local Buy Nothing Group. Most groups are operating through Facebook. The Buy Nothing Project is a platform where you can get rid of your excess clutter and receive items you need for free. Yes! It is a hyper-local gifting economy. You’ll find your local group by searching “[Your Town Name] Buy Nothing Group” on Facebook.

What to Donate

Repeat after me: I will not donate something that is actually trash.

Donation centers and your local community don’t want your trash. If you have really shabby items that are past the DIY or fixer-upper stage, they shouldn’t be donated.

Donate items that are still good to use and look clean and free of holes and stains. Here are a few things that thrift stores and charities love:

  • Home decor
  • Gently used clothing
  • Movies and books (NOT VHS tapes)
  • Kids toys with all the pieces
  • Smaller furniture items

Again, reach out to your local charities or try your Buy Nothing Group to see what there is a need for as you declutter.

When to Toss

I hate sending things to the landfill. Tossing things into the trash is a last resort for me! But when something is past its useful life, it has to go. This is why taking care of your items is so important.

When you’re deciding whether to sell, donate, or toss an item, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Can I sell this item to make a little money back?
  2. Would someone in my community value and use this item?
  3. Does a family member want this item?
  4. Could I repair or repurpose this item to get more use out of it?
  5. Is this broken beyond repair or is this at the end of its useful life?

If you answered “yes” to #5, then trash it (or recycle it!). Don’t toss an item if it is still useful or someone else could get use out of it.

I hope you’ve found this post useful and can put it into practice while you declutter! If you’ve had wonderful success selling items or made a big impact with the items you’ve donated, let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your stories!

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