How to create a cozy minimalist home

How to Create a Cozy Minimalist Home

We’ve been talking a lot about the home, and today I want to dive into what makes your home comfortable to live in. For us, a cozy minimalist vibe works. We aren’t overwhelmed with distracting decor or crazy colors. Comfort in the form of quality furniture, textured and patterned textiles, and personalized decor makes our minimalist home pretty cozy.

So how do you make a cozy minimalist home of your own? So glad you asked!

You could of course read the book, Cozy Minimalist Home, which I highly recommend. Or you could keep reading this blog post and see how we did it ourselves.

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How we created our cozy minimalist home

Minimalism is about living with less, but NOT living with nothing. As we pared down our possessions, we found that we were not true minimalists. I like the term “minimalish“. And the more that I’ve thought about our minimalish lifestyle, I’ve realized that we are embracing cozy minimalism. (We’re also really frugal!)

Cozy minimalism is having the essentials plus what makes you happy and comfortable.

Yes! You can still be a minimalist and still have loads of books. Yes! You can can be an avid quilter and a minimalist. These things make you happy and make your home uniquely yours.

#1 – Declutter

A cozy minimalist home can’t be achieved if ever pieces of clutter is fighting for your attention. Pairing down what you own can help certain possessions shine – the ones that are truly special.

For more help on decluttering your home >>>

#2 – Decide what minimalism (and cozy minimalism) looks like for you

Before you dive in head first into minimalism, decide what minimalism will look like for you.

  • How do you want your house to feel when you walk in?
  • Really how minimal do you want to be?
  • What colors work best for your life and what makes you feel more at home?
  • When you settle in for the evening, what brings you comfort?
  • What would other people find comfortable in your home?

I have found that I love adding textiles to a space rather than hanging decorations on the wall. These handmade quilts and blankets give our living spaces personality and add a layer of coziness. Our dark bedroom furniture made from solid quality wood offers a foundation for relaxation.

Aesthetic minimalism calls for white, gray, and black all over. But realistic, cozy minimalism doesn’t have to be that way. You might find white everything doesn’t work with your toddler or active life (that’s us!) or that gray bums you out. So work with what makes you comfortable.

#3 – Be intentional + use what you have

I’m a big advocate for using what you already have. Shopping your own home can benefit your minimalist goals (and save you money!).

When figuring out how you want your cozy minimalist home to feel, start from scratch. Take all the existing decor down, declutter, and assess what you already have on hand. Can you make your favorite, special items shine?

Being more intentional with where you place objects (everyday items or strictly decor) will have a big impact on un-cluttered your home looks and feels. Put objects where they most make sense in your new minimalish life.

#4 – Relax, but this may take time

This cozy minimal style can be oh so relaxing to come home to (or stay home in) every day. But getting to that point of feeling comfortable in a freshly decluttered space may take time. Resist the urge to bring more things into your home. Give yourself a window of 30 days or more before you bring something new home to “fill a void” that you may see. Often, it just takes some getting used to and then you’re able to accept your new cozy minimalist home more freely.

#5 – Spend your time doing what you love

With fewer things and stuff to look after and clean in your home, you might just find that you have more time on your hands. This won’t be huge chunks of time, but it’ll be enough to do something that you love.

If you have fewer pictures hanging on your walls, you bought back the time you spent dusting those every week (let’s be real… maybe once a month?). There is less to stuff into your linen closet and keep clean if you pared down sheets and towels. You get the idea. Less stuff = more time back in your life.

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