The Best Home Improvements for Your Forever Home

the best home improvements for your forever home

It’s a great feeling to find your forever home. It could be your first home, your second or you could move several times before you find the one you can see yourselves in long-term. Your forever home is where you’ll really put down your roots and make it into a special place where you’ll make some incredible memories. 

With previous properties, you might have been reluctant to spend money making significant improvements, knowing you won’t be sticking around to enjoy them. But now you know you’re in it for the long haul, you can start making some home improvements you can enjoy now that you’re where you want to be. And with us all being home more often, you’ll reap immediate benefits from these projects!

Get inspiration and ideas with these improvements worth making to your forever home and get the most bang for your buck!

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Upgrade your windows and doors

Windows and doors have a long guarantee, but if you’ve bought an older home, it’s likely they’ll need replacing soon. Investing in vinyl windows & doors can give your home an updated look, while also helping you insulate your home better. With proper care and maintenance, your new windows will last a long time, making them a worthwhile investment for your home.

Extend or convert for a bigger living space

Major home improvements such as an extension or conversion are a great way to create extra space in your home. You can add extra bedrooms, expand your living area and create some fantastic spaces. This not only creates more room for you, but it can add value to your home should you decide to sell. 

House renovations can be a lot of work, stress and cost a lot of money. Make sure you’re prepared for your home renovation and everything that comes with it before you make plans.

Create your perfect garden

Having your own private outdoor living space gives you the chance to relax on sunny days as well as some amazing opportunities to entertain. As people bring more of the indoors outside, you can find some incredible backyard transformations that will have you reaching for the gardening tools! Invest in some nice patio furniture and some lighting and you’ll have a fantastic space that will bring you a lot of joy whenever you use it.

With a pergola or some kind of canopy/gazebo – you’ll be able to make the most of your backyard in any weather! Plus, with little ones running around, you’ll be thankful for a shady spot to play!

Plan and build your dream kitchen

Everyone has their dream kitchen. As somewhere everyone in the home uses, it’s important that it has everything you need. From breakfast bars to kitchen islands, you’ve got the chance to start from scratch with your kitchen and design it exactly how you want it to be. A modern kitchen has everything you need to make your house really feel like a home, helping you to declutter your home thoroughly and enjoy a wonderful, minimalist space.

Go greener for cheaper running costs

Once you’re in your forever home, you’ll soon get an idea of what it costs to run it. But could you enjoy cheaper running costs? You could, and the answer is by going green. Making your home smarter and more energy-efficient can make a big difference to your bills as well as the environment, and can help you run things more effectively around your home. 

Adding solar panels and a different heating system are two worthwhile investments if you’re serious about cutting your waste, perfect for your forever home.

Invest in quality furniture

Moving from one house to another, it’s easy to buy more affordable furniture that you don’t have to worry too much about damaging. But now that you know you’re in your forever home, you can now invest in some quality furniture and get to enjoy some beautiful, timeless styles for your home.

Investing in quality furniture doesn’t have to mean buying brand new either. You can start looking for older or antique furniture or upcycle pieces in need of TLC to help you live more sustainably, while also saving some money too. 

With some quality furniture in your home, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it!

Give your bathroom an update

Like your kitchen, your bathroom will be well used, which makes it the perfect project for some home improvement. By giving your bathroom a makeover, you can completely change the layout to make it more practical for your needs, invest in a better bath and shower, and enjoy creating your ideal bathroom. An updated bathroom will make a big difference to your home, and having a larger or multiple bathrooms could put an end to the morning arguments over who’s been in there the longest!

Take a look at some modern bathroom ideas to give you some inspiration.

Work on your home’s exterior

The front of your home is the first thing people see when they approach your home, and it can be a great sight to welcome you home too after you’ve been away. There are different ways you can upgrade your home’s exterior, including adding cladding or re-rendering, and even a nice coat of paint can work wonders. Keep your front lawn landscaped and keep the area neat – it will make a big difference to the look of your home and leave it looking as lovely as the inside. 

Adding plants, flowers and lighting is another way to make the front of your home more welcoming, adding some color and style that will be sure to make an excellent first impression. Bonus – these are quick and easy home improvements!

Whatever your plans for your forever home, it’s wonderful to have your own space that you can put your stamp on. Making changes and investments will help you get the most out of your home, allowing you to truly settle in and make some incredible memories. It might be a long wait until you find the one, but you’ll know it once you’re in it and can start making it truly feel like home.

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