How to Prepare for a Busy Holiday Season

How to Prepare for the Busy Holiday Season

Labor Day marks the beginning of fall. The heat may still be there, but let’s face it: we’re all ready for football, leggings, and pumpkin spiced everything. Football season blends into Halloween, Halloween into Thanksgiving, and before you realize it Christmas is here!

Take a deep breath. I have a few things to help take the burden off of your shoulders!

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Prepare for a Busy Holiday Season with Simplicity in Mind

Getting ahead of myself is kinda my specialty. I’m thinking about the next thing I need to do before the task I’m working on is even complete. My to-do list is a “never-done” list and it sucks. BUT when I work to simplify my daily life, it all gets easier.

Make a list of all the holiday events happening in your life. Which ones can you say “no” to? Is there a party that you don’t need to bring food or a gift to? Eliminate the too complicated and unnecessary activities from your holiday schedule. You might be surprised how understanding your friends and family will be when you tell them there is too much on your plate.

Make a gift list, check it twice. Specifically referring to Christmas, get that list going early! Say you meet up with your sister and she casually hints that she needs a new blender – add it to your list! These little hints people drop between now and Christmas will make your life easier than just guessing what someone wants or needs.

Declutter Before More Enters Your Home

Most of us take January as national “get that crap out of my house!” month. Organization systems are on sale just about everywhere and it feels good to let go of things you no longer need. It feels even better to have it all gone before the busy holiday season is here.

Some key places to declutter before the busy season arrives:
Kitchen and recipes
Kids’ bedrooms and playroom

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Take the Work Out of Preparing Holiday Meals

75% of holiday fun revolves around food (at least it does for me). The other 25% of that holiday fun is the people that we spend time with. Take a little bit of the stress and the hard work out of the holidays (and football season), and let someone else do it for you. Let someone be your food brain.

Don’t let that diet slip so you have to work extra hard in January. You can be healthy with a little indulgence. PlateJoy can do that hard work of planning healthy, but crowd-pleasing meals for you. Yes, they meal plan just for YOU.

Think of PlateJoy as your kitchen assistant. They plan the meals, make the list (and check it twice), and keep your health goals in mind. Being healthy can be the last thought to cross your mind as you prepare for a busy holiday season. Truth be told, it’s hard to stay healthy when you’re busy.

This is no basic home-delivery kit that brings extra packaging and waste into your home. PlateJoy is an online meal planning app that accounts for your diet, schedule, and goals. Busy mom? They’ve got you covered. Dad that’s super involved with literally everything? Check. Anyone on any diet with any schedule can use PlateJoy.

Seriously, just look at this yummy Stuffed Acorn Squash. Wouldn’t you be the envy of the holiday meal if you made that?? Bonus: it only takes 35 minutes to make.

photo credit: PlateJoy

Start your FREE trial with PlateJoy! And then get $10 off your subscription with my exclusive code BROWN10!

Set a Budget

Prepare for the holiday season not just by simplifying what’s around you, but also take a look at that budget of your’s.

Set a budget for each event or go month-by-month. It’s however budgeting works best for you. Do you have a huge budget to work with for food and gifts? Or are you tightening things up this year?

Stick to that budget. Don’t go over and don’t get crazy. My Frugal Guide to Entertaining gives you an idea of how to get different events set up for cheap.

Take another deep breath. Go cheer on your favorite football team. Prepare for a busy holiday season with grace.

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