Frugal Living for Beginners – 7 Tips to Help You Succeed in a Frugal Life!

7 Frugal Living Tips for Beginners - even the beginning frugalist can enjoy the benefits of small, frugal acts every month. Here are 7 tips to get you started! #frugalliving #frugaltips #frugal

We love being frugal in our home. It’s always exciting to us when we find something new we can save money on or when we score something amazing at the thrift store. The thrill of saving money and living frugally in new ways is what keeps us going with this lifestyle.

My husband is more naturally frugal than I am. He picks and pulls at an expense until he gets to an amount he likes. Items like furniture, appliances, lawn care, and utilities are just a few of expenses he thoroughly reviews before making decision on which to purchase.

Below I’ve curated a list that will:

  • Reduce your overall household expenses
  • Allow you to save more every month
  • Decrease your stress

As always, there are more things you can do to be frugal. All families are different and have different expenses! From beginners to experts, there are always things we can do to be more frugal. These are the things that have the most impact on our budget and our lives.

7 Frugal Living Tips for Beginners - even the beginning frugalist can enjoy the benefits of small, frugal acts every month. Here are 7 tips to get you started!
#frugalliving #frugaltips #frugal

7 Tips for Frugal Living Beginners

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1 – Bring your lunch to work (or eat lunch at home)

As a family that has only one member working (my husband), we found that when both of us eat lunch that was prepared beforehand saves us on average $50 a week. Find our weekly ultra frugal recipe HERE.

2 – Cook in bulk

We regularly shop for all of our meals at one time so we can prep all in one day. Our priority is lunches first and then dinners. If we need black beans for three meals and lunches that week we cook enough all at one time so we are not duplicating work. Same for rice, chopping veggies, washing fruit, etc. In doing this, it saves us time during the week. It also reduces the temptation to eat out instead of cooking what we already have. See more on meal planning HERE.

3 – Brew your coffee at home

Can’t stomach paying $4 for a cup of coffee? Neither can we! Now we brew at home and take coffee with us when we’re on the go. A coffee pot with different brew sizes, flavored syrup, and a coffee grinder complete our at-home coffee shop. We love our Ninja brewer – find it HERE on Amazon (affiliate link).

4 – Plan a no-spend month

No-spend months are the fastest way to see what your true expenses are. You’ll need the whole family on board with this one. Need help planning one? Read my tips HERE.

5 – Shop Secondhand

Whenever you need to purchase something, try to purchase it used. Secondhand shopping is not only a frugal way to save money, but is also better for the environment. I’ve even made a list of what to always buy secondhand.

6 – Call your service providers

My husband negotiates most of our bills. He regularly calls our providers to attempt to lower the monthly bill. Recently, we decided to switch internet companies. When he called to cancel with our current company, they matched the rate! The trick is to be nice to the representative you talk to and say their name back to them. People love the sound of their own name.

7 – Create a 72-Hour List

You’ve probably learned you shouldn’t go grocery shopping without a list. So apply that to all of your spending! A 72-Hour List is designed to let you write down what you want to buy (concert tickets, new dishes, furniture, toys, etc) and gives you time to really think about that purchase. Because you wait three days (72 hours) and decide whether or not you still want to purchase that item, you can save tons of money.

Frugal living for beginners is easy! It just takes time to really focus on those frugal tendencies. What have you done this year that’s been a frugal win?

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