6 Reason Why a Capsule Wardrobe Works

6 Reasons Capsule Wardrobes Work

On the fence about creating a capsule wardrobe? I was too until I did some reading. I found that every single person that converted to a capsule wardrobe or used the Project 333 (33 items for 3 months) was over-the-moon happy with their decision. So I went for it.

I have two capsules: One spring/summer and one fall/winter. In each one I have 30-40 items. This includes shoes, accessories, and clothing.

Within my two rotating capsules I have a set of basics that includes:
5 t-shirts
1 pair of jeans
1 pair of black pants
3 dresses
1 pair of Converse sneakers
1 pair of ballet flats

Those basics are layered with items from the seasons to create a cohesive and comfortable look. Here are my top 6 reasons why a capsule wardrobe works.

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6 Reasons Capsule Wardrobes Work
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1 – Comfort.

By owning fewer clothes that you actually like and will wear means that you’ll be more comfortable. You never have to worry about pants fitting or if a top is flattering – you’ve already reduced the number of pieces you own and rid yourself of all the ill-fitting clothes!

I reduced the number of items in my wardrobe in half while I was still working in a corporate office. The slacks I loathed I finally said goodbye to. I hated those pants so they were donated. Instead I wore skirts and dresses with tights everyday to work. It is what’s most comfortable to me.

2 – Uniform Creation.

I’ve always been a cardigan and t-shirt kind of gal. With all of the clutter in my wardrobe, I lost sight of that. I forgot that I love that casual look and how comfortable it is. Now that I have fewer items in my seasonal capsule wardrobes, I’ve been able to pull together my casual looks better.

As a SAHM, I have no reason to dress up unless we’re going on a date, going to a wedding, funeral, etc. With even my casual dresses, I still maintain the layered look but add accessories to make the outfit more elegant.

This uniform that I have – t-shirt or dress/ leggings or jeans/ cardigan – saves me time in the morning and reduces the stress of “I have nothing to wear”. Everything can be matched together!

3 – Less Laundry.

There were days before minimalism found us that I would wear 2-3 outfits in a day. One to work. One when I got home. One for an evening out. Now? It’s all the same (plus or minus accessories and different shoes).

With wearing fewer items in a day, less laundry accumulates. With less laundry, you use less laundry detergent (I recommend using Shabby Chick All Natural).

We do adult laundry about once a week (twice a week if we go hiking) and baby laundry once a week. Of course there is still washing sheets and towels to be done, but reducing the number of linens you own can also reduce the laundry done in that category too.

4 – Buying Less.

With a capsule wardrobe, I spend less money buying clothes for myself. Looking back at my expenses for 2019 so far, I haven’t bought a single piece of new clothing for myself – brand new or secondhand.

It’s crazy to believe that for three months I haven’t bought a single new shirt, pants, or jacket for myself. That being said, I have bought clothes for Little Guy as he is growing like a weed! They’ve all been secondhand though.

With money in your pocket that you haven’t spent on clothing like you normally would have done, you have the ability to pay for other things. You can pay principal on your mortgage, pay off credit card debt, take the whole family to the movies, start saving for that vacation you’ve always dreamed of. It’s up to you!

5 – Time Back in Your Life.

My morning routine takes about 15 minutes now. Before my capsule wardrobe and paring down my beauty products, it often took 30-60 minutes to get myself together in the morning.

A capsule wardrobe will make you more efficient. You can quickly see what’s comfortable, you’ll be able to find each piece you want to wear without digging through your drawers, you don’t do laundry very often, and you don’t spend precious hours each month searching for the next new thing to wear.

Imagine getting 15 minutes or more back in your day, everyday. How magical would that be? Would you spend more time with your kids in the morning before school? Maybe meditate or read a book? Or maybe it’s as simple as sitting down to eat breakfast and not going through the drive-thru on the way to work.

Capsule Wardrobes - Why they work for everyone! #capsulewardrobe
Cardigan, t-shirt, black pants. Simple and mostly put together!

6 – More Space.

Another benefit of owning a smaller, capsule wardrobe is that you gain space back. Whether you fold all of your clothes or hang them all, you have some of that coveted space back.

Our closet currently holds items ready to be sold at our upcoming spring garage sale (because there is so much space in there and is a great catch-all spot for items we no longer want). Once those nagging boxes are out and gone, all of our clothing will fit onto one rod in the closet and the rest in our dresser.

Capsule Wardrobes - Why they work for everyone! #capsulewardrobe
This is ALL of my clothes – all seasons. I have much more room left in my closet.

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