21 Things You Can Get Rid of Right Now with Zero Regret

If you’ve thought of decluttering but haven’t yet started, I bet one of your fears is missing the items you choose to let go of. I’ve been there. I think anyone who has been on the journey of decluttering and minimizing has felt the same way.

This is exactly why I created this list of items you can get rid of right now and not regret. This list will help you get started on your decluttering journey and propel you forward to tackling the harder things.

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21 Things You Can Get Rid of Right Now with Zero Regret 

Digital Junk

  1. Emails – Comb through your inbox and delete emails you no longer need. The ones you need to keep or are on the fence about should be moved into folders within your inbox so that they are easier to find.
  2. Unused Apps – Apps we no longer use hog valuable space on our phones and tablets. Use an app like Files from Google to declutter your phone at your own pace. You’ll see when apps were last used and if there are any junk files.


  1. Nightstand Accumulation – Go through your nightstand and get rid of any trash and half used products that might lurk in there. Clear the top off and find new homes for books, cups, and other items.
  2. Clothes with Holes or Stains – Clothing that is ripped, torn, stained, or has a permanent funny smell can be tossed immediately.
  3. Undies and Socks with Holes – The same goes for underpants as it does for the clothing people see. Toss any undergarments and socks that have rips or those um, mystery stains that you find unpleasant.
  4. Unused Hangers – Empty hangers often give the illusion that we can fit more things in our closets. Get rid of that temptation and toss any hangers you no longer use.
  5. Lumpy Pillows – You will need a good night’s rest after a day of regret-free decluttering. Toss those old lumpy beyond fluffing pillows.
  6. Torn or Worn Out Sheets – Any sheets you don’t feel comfortable sleeping on should be tossed.


  1. Half Used Products – Products used several times but cast away when a new product came in will become trash. Most products go bad after a year of opening them. I learned this lesson the hard with with a rancid bottle of shampoo… let’s just say that was not an ideal shower.
  2. Cosmetics You Don’t Use – Like other bath products, cosmetics can be unsafe to use after a certain period of time. Throw away cosmetics that are old or ones that you know you won’t use again.
  3. Towels That Have Seen Better Days – Towels are an item that a lot of people tend to have too many of anyways. Toss or donate to a local animal shelter any towels that have lost their fluff, are starting to fray, or have a weird smell.
  4. Expired Medication – Medications (over the counter or prescribed) that are expired much past the expiration date should be disposed of. Most pharmacies in the US have a collection bin for most items so that they are properly disposed of.


  1. Broken Toys – Broken toys are of little use in a child’s playroom. Toys that fall into this category should be discarded.
  2. Games and Toys with Missing Pieces – Any toy or game that has a missing piece (especially a puzzle) and no longer functions like it should can be tossed.
  3. Damaged or Gross Clothing and Shoes – Kids and babies are kinda gross and their clothing reflects it. Damaged and stained items get the boot.


  1. Pens, Markers, and Pencils That No Longer Work – Bring out all of your writing utensils and test them on a piece of paper. If they don’t work, they go in the trash.
  2. Any Documents You Don’t Need – If you have a habit of printing everything that comes your way or save every flyer from school, weed out the ones that you no longer need and toss them. Shred them if they contain confidential information.
  3. Manuals for Items You No Longer Own – Throw away manuals to those items you no longer own. They clutter up any manuals you look for.


  1. Expired Food – Check the labels on all the food in your pantry. Any expired food items that you will not eat should end up in the bin.
  2. Duplicate Kitchen Gadgets – Everyone has duplicates of something in their kitchen. Make a donation box of all the ones you find.
  3. Half-Used Cleaning Supplies – Old, open cleaning products you aren’t using you can get rid of. Check your city’s regulations concerning the disposal of such products.

I hope this inspires you to jump-start your decluttering process! If you have questions or have other items to add to this list, let me know in the comments or send me an email! I’d love to hear from you!

21 items to get rid of right now with zero regret

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  1. I love this post! I am all for decluttering and minimalism!

  2. I needed this list!! I’ve been slowly going through the house and realizing there’s SO much we can do without but it’s so easy to just leave things as is!

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