Three Easy Ways to Show Gratitude this Holiday Season

We could all stand to show a little more gratitude, right? Here are three easy ways to show that you’re thankful and grateful this holiday season.

Something hit me last week as I shopped for my Thanksgiving ingredients at Aldi: I need to show those around me more gratitude for all that they do.

This wave of new found appreciation for the Aldi stockers and cashiers came to me as I reached for my soy milk and saw a woman stomp into the back room with her cart and yell for someone to bring her some whole milk. This lady demanded that she be brought whole milk right that instant or she was going to speak to the manager.

Like… what?

Some people just don’t get it. The Earth revolves around the sun – not around you. That poor stocker handed her all the milk she needed with a smile, asked if there was anything else he could get her, and she just walked away without a thank you.

So as I was checking out I chatted with several others in line (Little Guy is a lady magnet) about how great it was that the line was moving fast even though the store was over crowded. It felt GREAT to talk about what they were doing right instead of complaining about what was wrong.

I praised the cashier that I see every time I shop and he joked around with Little Guy. I told him to have a happy Thanksgiving and fully enjoy his day off next week. I felt amazing leaving the store.

So what if we all showed a little more gratitude?

I give my thanks to my husband for all that he does around the house and the WONDERFUL food that he cooks (oh, and his BREAD… SO GOOD). As I write this, I’m not sure if he knows how much I actually appreciate him!

Does your partner know that you’re thankful for them and that you’re grateful for everything they do for you and your family?

Does that waitress at your favorite restaurant that calls you a regular know that you appreciate the time she took to get to know you and your “regular” order?

What about your kiddos? I am incredibly thankful and grateful for Little Guy. He doesn’t physically do much except be cute, but I am so grateful that I get to be a mom because of him.

How to Show Gratitude without “Stuff”

The minimalist in me detests the thought of buying a cheap gift for someone to show my gratitude. So here are a few options to give thanks, show gratitude or whatever you what to call it!

Write out holiday cards

My husband gave me this idea last week! Plenty of shops have blank holiday cards or you can find blank ones at craft stores and make your own. Take the time to write out a personalized note inside the card and send it to your loved ones. So many of us (me included) always opt for that pre-printed photo card that you order from Shutterfly and mail it without writing anything else.

It takes five minutes to write 5-10 sentences in a card to someone to show you’re grateful for them. What a special feeling it will be when they open it.

Take the time to compliment someone on their work

This is specifically referring to shop workers you’ll meet over the next few months as you shuffle in and out of stores. Like my Aldi experience, the compliment not only made me feel good but it also put a smile on the cashier’s face.

Taking the time (2 minutes or less) to let that overworked cashier know they are doing a great job could mean the world to them. I worked in retail for years and it is so tough to keep going if you get one angry or upset customer after another.

They can do nothing about that candle that is out of stock and you know it. The occasional “Hey, you’re doing great! This line moved pretty quick because of you.” compliment always made my day.

Baking from the heart

I love making treats this time of year. I also love receiving them! Making a home-baked bread or a dozen cookies for a neighbor, friend, or postman is a warm way to show gratitude. Always attach a note to the package to let them know what it is and that you are thankful for the things they do.

I hope that this motivates you to show that you are truly grateful for the people in your life!

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