The Ultimate Gift Guide for Minimalists 2018

Do you have people in your life that ask for either no gifts or very few gifts? We are certainly those people this year for the holidays. With our renewed minimalist mindset we don’t need more junky holiday gifts that will get shoved into the cupboard.

This list of gifts for the minimalists in your life provides ideas for people who either “have everything” or “don’t need anything”. A lot of these products we already own or are on our very own holiday wish list.

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Gifts for Adults

All-in-One type products

  • Instant Pot – We love ours that we bought last year for a steal! Amazon has some pretty great deals on Instant Pots regularly and you can have it shipped anywhere.
  • Ninja Foodi – I only recently heard about this gadget. It is a pressure cooker AND an air fryer in one. I’ve been eyeing an air fryer for a while now even though all I would make in it would be Brussels sprouts. 🙂 I love our Ninja products that we already own and they hold up really really well over time.
  • Kindle with Amazon Kindle Unlimited Plan – Kindles mean less book and magazine clutter – LOVE! And if you’re a frugal minimalist like myself, you’ll be happy to know that you can check out books from your local library using your Kindle.

  • Vitamix – Yeah it’s on the pricey but it does EVERYTHING. So if you’ve been on Santa’s nice list this year, maybe he’ll bring you one. Or…. just put it in your Amazon cart, click “check out” and close your eyes at the total 🙂 . Once our blender bites the dust, this will be an investment we will make for our kitchen.

Eco-friendly Items that will get used again and again

  • Norwex – We love Norwex in our house! We use it in the kitchen, on our windows and mirrors, in the bathroom, and it is part of my makeup routine. It cuts down on chemical cleaner clutter and eliminates the need to purchase single use products.
  • Beeswax Covers – these (and the reusable bags below) are on my personal wish list this year. We use a lot of cling film while making bread and meal prepping so this would be a great “no waste” addition.
  • Reusable Zip-Top Bags – Ziplocs are one of my downfalls. I love to use them for just about everything! With reusable zip-top bags we eliminate the single use bags that get thrown away. These are even dishwasher safe. 8 oz is what I consider a snack-size bag.
  • Shabby Chick Cleaning Products– I met the owner of Shabby Chick and fellow Oklahoman a few years ago at a home and garden show. Her charming southern personality and the quality of the product got me hooked. She sells on Amazon as well as on her own site. We use the all purpose cleaner like it is going out of style when we have a “gross” mess we don’t want to use our Norwex on. *Bonus* it smells great and is all natural!

Consumable Gifts

The ultimate gifts that a minimalist could receive are the ones that don’t linger around the house, their favorite food, or experiences.

  • DNA Testing – Through a source like Ancestry, you can find out your heritage and have a story to pass along to your kids. What you find out from a test like this can help you start researching your family tree or help complete it. It is something that can be typed up and passed along to your kids once they become interested in where your family is from.
  • Homemade Treats – Hi, I’m Amanda and I’m a carb lover. Artisan bread made by my husband for Christmas? Yes please. Homemade fudge from Grandma? Yes again! Putting in the effort to make something from scratch shows the people in your life that you value them and love them just a little bit more than they thought. My favorite thing to make for my Grandad is microwave peanut brittle. He loves it!
  • Experiences – An experience could be a massage or pedicure, a night out on the town with your spouse and a babysitter at home, or a full-blown vacation. An experience for me would be something that I wouldn’t normally pay for (like a pedicure) that is also slightly indulgent. Maybe your husband has always wanted to go skydiving. Set up the date and book the jump in the coming months for Christmas!

Gifts for Kids

Montessori Style Toys

  • Simple Wooden Blocks – I’ve done a bit of research on this Montessori style of play. The simplicity of the plain wooden blocks encourages creativity as they can be anything your little one dreams up.
  • Play Kitchen – This could be for either indoor use or outdoor use (mud kitchen). If your babe is too small to help you in your life size, real kitchen this would be a great alternative to help them dream up any cuisine they like, mudpie included.

Battery-Less Fun

  • Wagon – This could be a multi-purpose gift for the whole family and endless fun for kiddos. I remember dragging my wagon around the driveway or in the backyard with my stuffed animals in it for hours. A wagon may also be easier for families that frequent places like the zoo or park where kids frequently request to get in and out of a stroller.
  • Magna-Tiles These are like modern day Lincoln Logs and blocks all in one. These tiles spur creativity in kids and young teens and also fill STEM learning.
  • Board Games – I have always loved board games. As a kid, I remember playing favorites like Pretty Pretty Princess and Payday. Now they have games like Yeti in My Spaghetti and Ticket to Ride Junior. They are a great way to connect with the whole family! If your kiddos are old enough, try the original Ticket to Ride. It’s our family fave!

Dirty Santa

I’ll be real on this one – I strongly dislike dirty Santa parties. Like, can we all just exchange bottles of alcohol and be done with it? If you have more of a “family friendly” party to attend, here are a few suggestions. *Spoliers ahead if I am attending your Christmas party this year 🙂 *

  • Candle Wax Warmer – I’m obsessed! The last time I bought a real candle was a few years ago when I got a second job at Bath and Body Works over the holidays. Warmers have much less packaging waste, last longer, and are safer around kiddos. They also make a beautiful and warm decor piece that can stay out on display all the time.
  • Quality Coffee Mug – Especially if you are going to a party with all of your co-workers, you know how much coffee they drink on a daily basis. Why not make that coffee intake a little bit better? A quality mug or travel mug with a bag of coffee inside could be a coveted Dirty Santa gift.
  • Board and Card Games – Cards Against Humanity is always a fave whenever my family and friends get together. A more family friendly trivia game (especially families with teens) is Smart Ass and for littles is Cranium. Almost every family I know has some type of game stash that these would be a great addition to.


  • Fun Socks – I may not have a lot of clothes, but let me tell you about the two dozen pairs of socks I have. I love my fun sock collection and wear every single pair. If you travel a lot, they are certainly a conversation starter with the TSA agent (especially if they pat you down *eye roll*).
  • Rolls of Quarters – We got Little Guy a coin bank this year and intend on starting a tradition with rolls of coins in his stocking from Santa. I’ve always thought that coins were way more fun than a single $10 bill!
  • Gift card to their favorite restaurant so they can take you on a parent/child date – Little Guy isn’t old enough to do this with yet but I love this idea. They can help schedule the date that you’ll go and they’ll “pay” with the gift card. I always wanted to feel like a grown-up when I was younger and this would have done the trick!
  • Coffee or Their Favorite Drink – for the past couple of years, I have put whole bean coffee in my husband’s stocking. It is always something that he wouldn’t buy for himself and gourmet. As a kid, we always went to Grandma’s house on Christmas day. I would have really enjoyed taking a bottle of my favorite drink on the road with us!

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