Really, who doesn’t like savings money?!? I you don’t, we need to have a little chat.

I have been couponing to saving money over the past two years, and in those TWO years so many rebate apps have popped up! It’s crazy what you can earn in rebates by just submitting your receipts.


7 Apps to Save You Money

These are the seven apps that I use on a regular basis:

  1. Cartwheel – This Target app saves you on the products that you already buy at the store. You just add the discount for that item to you list and they scan your phone at check out. The best thing is not only that you save 5%-30% on the things you are purchasing but you can also stack a manufacturer’s coupon and a Target coupon with it as well. Big savings people! Since I downloaded Cartwheel in 2013, I have saved over $250.00!
  2. Savings Catcher/Walmart App – Walmart doesn’t have awesome sales like Target does but they have this app to make up for it. You submit your receipt through the app or online and it searches for a lower price. If they find a lower price in a store near you, they will credit your account the difference. It’s that simple.
  3. ibotta – this is one of the best user-friendly rebate apps. It’s easy to browse through rebates for each store. You simply unlock a rebate at the store you are going shopping at and once you buy the product, you scan the bar code and take a picture of the receipt. Within a couple of days, the cash is in your profile! You can cash out at thresholds for a transfer into your PayPal account or you can get gift cards.
  4. Checkout 51 – this is much like ibotta but it doesn’t have (as many) store restrictions. These offers update every Wednesday night so you get a fresh batch of rebates for a new ad cycle at the stores.
  5. MobiSave – This is very much like Checkout 51, except for you don’t have to wait to meet a threshold to cash out. It transfers every redeemed rebate right into your PayPal account.
  6. Snap – this app is powered by Groupon, so you know it will have some great deals! They have now updated the app to include Groupon Deals and not just grocery rebates.
  7. SavingStar – This is another of my favorites. You activate the offers you want before you go to the store. When you have your store loyalty card linked to the app, you don’t even have to verify products or scan your receipt! This is one of the easier apps to use.

It is also a great idea to download a store’s app as well. Apps like Target and CVS have coupons inside the app that the cashier can scan. Extra savings for you!

I hope that this list has been helpful and saves you some money! I know for me, it is always nice to get a little bonus every once in a while 🙂

*all of these opinions are my own. I was not paid to write about these apps*

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