DIY Mod Podge Letter

So, I got married a couple of years ago… YAY! and I have a new last initial. I wanted to make something cute but not too time consuming to celebrate this and make our new and first home a little homier. I had done mod podge letters many times before for my sorority sisters but had never made one for myself. And of course I went to Hobby Lobby and found the perfect pieces for this project. Time to get crafty.


DIY Modge Podge Letter

What you’ll need:

Scrapbook paper
Wooden letter
Exacto knife or scissors
Mod Podge

For my letter, I selected a wedding photo that would fit nicely on the letter once it was cut down to size. I got a cheap print from Walgreens done so I wouldn’t be using a nice print that we had ordered.
I flipped both the letter and photo over to trace.
I cut it out so that it wouldn’t be just a cropped picture.
I chose three complimentary papers from my favorite place Hobby Lobby (they were on sale too!) and lined them up to show how much I wanted of each one.
Then again I traced around the letter and cut out the paper.
I mod podged the paper down. I would recommend using a little liquid glue too just to help the edges of the paper.
I glued down the photo and put a layer of mod podge to finish it.

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