You can see from the following pictures that our pillows are quite ugly. like UGLY. Our couch is that pattern too… Lucky us. Solution? Pillow covers made from fabric that was left over from various project and an old sheet that my husband somebody ripped.

The first step in all of this is to wash, dry, and iron your fabric that way everything measures like you want it and the first time your husband spills salsa on it, it doesn’t shrink. 

I laid our my fabric and placed the pillow on top. The pillows aren’t all the same size (which sucks) so I did it for each pillow rather than cutting one and tracing around it. I cut one piece to cover the entire front then two back pieces that will over lap by 2 inches. 

I didn’t take pictures while I was attempting to sew because I’m accident prone like that. BUT the first thing I did was hem the two overlapping piece by half an inch on each piece. 

The second step is to pin together all you pieces, right sides together, the back pieces over lapping. Sew together and turn right side out.

MUCH better than granny floral!! And my cat likes them too. She even posed for the picture. 🙂

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