I am going DIY crazy this week! I feel so pumped up to make some really cute stuff for not only myself but for my Etsy store too. 

This one I am keeping for myself but I know that I will make more. The only reason I’m keeping it for myself is because I really confused myself while sewing this one. I also don’t use a ruler or pattern of any sort so it is a weird size. Guessing size really isn’t my thing either.

This is a great project to use fabric scraps for! It took me about 30 minutes to do this because, well… my seam ripper is my BFF.

The good news is the ladies at Phat Quarter have a great tutorial that I promise won’t confuse you! Pinky promise. 

It is also a great time for fall cleaning! So I’m sure that I will be posting more projects that will help me be more organized as the holidays come up!

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