This cute project takes about 30 minutes (even if your cats get in the way) and is super simple!

DIY Kimono

For this you will need:

1.5 yards knit fabric

Coordinating thread

Sewing Machine


Measuring tape


First this is first: Lay your fabric out flat. You will cut it into two pieces lengthwise. If you don’t want it as wide try cutting about 8 inches from the end of the fabric (where the black cat is).

DIY Kimono

Isn’t she cute?!

DIY Kimono

Moving on… Placing the right sides of the fabric together, find the half way point on one long side and mark it. I put a binder clip on my fabric because pins tend to easily fall out of knit fabric. From this point, you will sew a seam to the half way point on that side.

DIY Kimono

Now, this this half sewn piece flat, right side up. Take the side that has not been sewn and fold it over the side that has. The open side will be the front of your kimono. (Where cat #2 is)

DIY Kimono

Get your measuring tape out and from the fold at the top, measure down 10 inches and mark it. These will be your arm holes. Sew from the marked spot down to form the sleeves.

The only additional thing you might need to do is hem your fabric where it has been cut if it will start to fray. The fabric pictured did not fray but I made another kimono right after this one with a thicker knit fabric and it did fray a little where I had cut it. So it all depends on the weight of the knit.


And you’re done! This colorful one will most likely be worn on our cruise (that packing list is coming up in a few days) and with jeans in the fall. The black one will be worn to work over a dress and belted (and also on our cruise). Happy sewing!


DIY Kimono


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