On the Cheap: Single Serve Oatmeal Packets

This post title might sound a little strange but for real. This might change the way you buy your oatmeal. Like stated previously, I’m very frugal. My husband and I don’t necessarily have to be either. For a newly married couple who graduated from their undergrad only a year and a half ago, we make a pretty decent salary combined. We don’t have kids (just cat children) so that makes things a little easier but when you only budget of $200 for groceries every month, you have to get creative.

I coupon (which you can read about how to coupon in my two posts!) and that relieves the stress of having so little grocery money to work with. But I’m still interested in finding ways to make that dollar stretch even more.

Oatmeal Packets
I came across this idea on Pinterest (of course!) and decided it was time to do it.

All you need is a big can of instant oats or quick cooking oats, brown sugar, and what ever else you like in your morning oatmeal. Zipper bags and measuring cups will also be of use.

The normal serving size is 1/2 cup. This would be the adult serving size, if you have kiddos, then make it a 1/4 cup. Pour this serving into a zipper bag and add brown sugar and whatever else your heart desires.

On the Cheap: make your own instant oat packets

This should make 30 packets or so depending on your serving size. This large can was only $3 at Walmart and the baggies and sugar I already had on hand. If you are like me and have everything on hand already this would make each packet about 10 cents! Compared to the normal family sized box of prepackaged oats for almost $4 –  40 cents a packet.

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