I’m dreaming of autumn right now. The cool breezes, shorter days, and the changing colors. But sadly, it is still several months away. While the Oklahoma heat has not been as brutal this year as it has been in the past, it’s still pretty hot. So no scarves for me.

DIY Infinity Scarf

But I have been making them with my scrap fabric! This project is really simple and takes about 15 minutes!

DIY Infinity Scarf


1.5 – 2 yards of fabric total

sewing machine


coordinating thread



Cut your fabric to whatever length you like. I prefer about 1.5 yards or a little less with 18 inches;of width.

Fold fabric lengthwise with right sides facing in. Sew down the long raw edge.

Make right side out and sew the ends together.

and DONE!

I also sell these beauties on Etsy in my shop hellobrownlow !

DIY Infinity Scarf

See, wasn’t that easy?!



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