I LOVE buying school supplies! It’s really an addiction. I used to adore back to school shopping when I was younger and my mother bought everything for me. Now, I guess I’m a grown up and don’t really need seventeen folders and notebooks. But I might need this little one for my purse.  🙂

DIY Mini Notebook



Small note book with hard cover

Scrapbook paper




DIY Mini Notebook


With your scrap book paper laying face down on your work surface, take the notebook and trace around the front and back covers separately.

Cut each side out with a little room to fold over the sides and glue down, like so. You will want to put glue ALL over the paper to make it stick and not peel up.DIY Mini Notebook

Once glued, take a sticker to make it snazzy and you’re done!

You can also do this with large notebooks too, that way nobody in school is as cool as you are! I mean, if you’re still in school. You may just want a cute notebook like mine to carry in your purse. 🙂


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