I LOVE wearing sweaters. I really do. I wish it was a constant 50 degrees or so that way I would have to wear a sweater/cardigan/whatever keeps me warm. I’m going to miss cold weather this summer when we have 90+ days of over 100 degree weather. 🙁 I’ll get over it next fall.


This sweater was SUPER cute when I was about 10 pounds lighter. Now it makes me look pregnant. I was even ashamed to take a picture from the side. I don’t want to give anyone ideas that I have a bun in the oven. SO not ready for that! ANYWAYS.  I decided to take this ill-fitting sweater and turn it into something I would wear again. I didn’t think cutting it into a crop-top would be appropriate so I settled on a skirt.  You’re welcome world.


For this project I used:

My trusty sewing machine

Coordinating thread

Old sweater



I started by first putting the sweater like a normal person would wear it then pulled my arms through the neck hole and pulled it down to where a skirt would sit. One, to measure length and two, to make sure it would look okay.

I then cut right under the arm holes so I didn’t have any weird shapes or extra seams.

cut sweater

Since it is a knit fabric, I sewed a zig-zag stitch across the raw edge as to make sure it doesn’t unravel.



That zig-zag stitch was the only one I made. I then rolled the very top down then folded it down one more time to make a sort ofyoga pant waist band for it. I probably will go back and make small stitches on the side so it doesn’t unroll itself.

Sweater Refashion

And that’s it! I know have a very cute (husband approved :)) skirt that I can dress up and wear to work or just wear it on a weekend. I’m very happy with how it turned out!

Sweater Refashion

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  1. Brilliant! Quick and easy – now off to the sweater cupboard…..


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