DIY Floral Arrangements

I LOVE fresh flowers. To my precious little cat they are poisonous (well, the ones that I like are). It’s something about the way they make your house look. When something fresh is added to a space, it instantly spruces it up. However, if you still have a dusty fake ficus sitting in the corner, you know who you are, you need to get rid of it ASAP!

I did this arrangement on Mother’s Day. Which was a bad decision on my part. I went to Whole Foods to get the flowers because they are super fresh, I know where they come from, AND they did all (and I mean ALL) my floral arrangements for my wedding two years ago. But when I got there, there wasn’t a single flower that I wanted left!!! I prefer the lighter colored flowers like hydrangeas and smaller lilies. NONE. Zilch. So I went with what I knew I could stick in a vase and look pretty. (I also think prices go up on holidays so I only got two different kinds.)

The lovely pink flowers are snapdragons and the white is obviously baby’s breath. At least I hope you know what that is. If not, we need to spend some time together talking about flowers 🙂


IMG_20140511_110355_641 (2)


This photo was unfortunately taken in my bathroom. I didn’t want my cat to eat them and die. Because that would be sad. BUT the flowers were a hit with my mother and she took them home with her!

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