DIY Mother’s Day Cards

Happy (almost) Mother’s Day to all you moms out there!

Mother’s Day for our family is hard to celebrate. You have my mom that lives out of town but will travel to come see us. She doesn’t live too far away. You have the hubby’s mom that RVs around the country, so a no-go on seeing her for Mother’s Day. AND you have his stepmother who is like a real mother to him who also lives out of town. So sending cards is the best and most practical way to get to all three of them.

BUT I hate buying cards. It hurts to shell out four bucks for a decent, non-sappy Mother’s Day card or any card for that matter. So I came up with a simple solution to all my card buying woes. I purchased a large package of blank, white note cards from the craft store and a TON of scrapbook paper. I love to mix and match prints of paper along with stickers. That’s what I did for these  Mother’s Day cards.


First you will needs several blank cards, different but matching prints of paper, a glue stick, a ruler, and a paper cutter or scissors and a pencil.


You will measure you cards and the paper into strips depending on the size of the front of the card and how many different patterns you are using or if you want to alternate more frequently. I just did three different ones.


You will glue the strips down on the card in whatever order you please. Place stickers over the paper for added detail (or to cover imperfections). and you’re done!


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