DIY Photo Coasters

What’s worse than those ugly little rings on your coffee table from sweating drinks? We have really terrible humidity issues in Oklahoma. It amazes me that in some places cold beverages don’t actually sweat. Like in Taos. I love Taos.

Speaking of…

I made these wonderful coasters just for Mother’s Day which is rapidly approaching. Normally my mother love jewelry but this year I didn’t want to get her yet another bracelet. Plus I couldn’t afford one. All the better was a simple DIY gift.

These are the supplies you’ll need:



Mod Podge

Travertine tiles

Acrylic sealing spray



Sponge brush

Hot glue

One sheet of foam


First you will pull out the tiles and wipe them off with a damp paper towel. They are filthy. Trust me.

Then measure the tiles and trim down your pictures to size. I had more than four pictures printed because I didn’t know what each one would look like cropped down to size (about 3.5″x3.5″). You can of course trim them down more and give them rounded edges. (PS: this picture was taken in Taos. Aren’t we cute?)


Using the sponge brush, dip it in Mod Podge and go over the tiles. Place the cropped photo on the tile and smooth out. Then go over the photo with mod podge to seal it.


You will have some brush strokes showing. I used matte mod podge, maybe the regular wouldn’t do this?


This is what it looks like dried.


Next, once the mod podge has dried all the way go out side and over a plastic bag or newspaper, spray the tiles with the sealing spray. I did two coast to make sure that they were completely covered.


Once the tiles are completely dry and not tacky, cut foam or felt squares and attach to the bottom with hot glue. This way the rough bottoms of the tiles don’t damage the surface they sit on.


And you’re done! Just tie a big bow around them and hand them off to mom!  I still have more tile left. I wonder what I’ll do next with it…



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